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Lincoln Letters Head to Auction

Letters written by Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee and President Abraham Lincoln are headed to auction, revealing each man's deeply felt views as the Civil War divided the nation.

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Richmond Begins Restoring Former Slave Burial Ground

The city of Richmond is working to build a memorial to slaves believed to be buried at a site in Virginia's capital city. For years, the site was covered by a paved parking lot, but this spring, the city removed the asphalt to clear the way for a memorial.

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Webb Wants More Preservation Money For Civil War Sites

Senator Jim Webb of Virginia is among a group of four senators seeking more federal dollars for Civil War battlefield preservation.

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150 Years Since Civil War: A Look At How Water, Heat Affected Soldiers

This year, during the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War, we have been bringing you stories about those early months and skirmish, as well as how people are studying and commemorating them. Today's report is on how water and heat may have affected the ultimate outcome of the war.

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Group Seeks National Recognition For WWI Memorial

On the National Mall, you'll find national memorials to three of the 20th century's major wars: World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. But you won't find a national memorial to World War I.

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Virginia's Libraries Seek To Preserve WWII Memories

The ]Library of Virginia](http://www.lva.virginia.gov/) wants World War II veterans and their families to share diaries, correspondence, and other materials.

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Park Service Rededicates Civil War Cemetery In DC

Over the Memorial Day Weekend, the National Park Service is rededicating a cemetery that holds the graves of 41 Union soldiers who died defending Washington during the Civil War.