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How Live TV Helped America Mourn The Loss Of JFK

Critic David Bianculli remembers watching the original news coverage of Kennedy's assassination — four days of unprecedented television — when he was 10 years old. He recalls how from that point on, TV, not radio, was the dominant medium for breaking news.

Using Modern Ballistics to Crack 'Cold Case JFK'

If the JFK assassination happened today, would we have the tools to crack the case? Ballistics experts Luke and Mike Haag apply 3D laser and Doppler technology to the crime scene for new insights into the "single bullet theory" and the "grassy knoll."

Shortened Term Limited JFK's Accomplishments, But Not His Contributions

Fresh Air's Dave Davies discusses John F. Kennedy's abbreviated term in office with presidential historian Robert Dallek, who finds that while you can make an argument that Kennedy accomplished little, he represents something special in the American experience. Dallek's latest book is Camelot's Court: Inside The Kennedy White House.
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Washington Dysfunction And The U.S. Constitution

There's widespread agreement that our government is not working well. Legal scholars debate the causes of dysfunction in Washington and how the U.S. Constitution plays a role.


Remembering JFK By Rewatching His Inaugural Address

As the nation pauses to reflect on what happened in Dallas 50 years ago, we look back at his "ask not" speech. Watch the video and read his words.

Dallas To Commemorate Anniversary Of Kennedy Assassination

This is the 50th anniversary of one of the most shocking moments in our nation's history. As President John F. Kennedy's motorcade passed through Dealey Plaza, shots were fired from the Schoolbook Depository building in Dallas. Kennedy was struck, and pronounced dead within the hour.

2 Reporters Recall The Assassination That Shocked The World

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy changed American history. It was also a news event covered unlike any before it. Steve Inskeep talks to two reporters who witnessed the events in Dallas 50 years ago: Hugh Aynesworth, then with The Dallas Morning News, and Sid Davis, then the White House correspondent for Westinghouse Broadcasting Company.

At Kennedy's Burial Ceremony, Even 'Bugle Was Weeping'

Morning Edition shares a poignant, unplanned moment at the funeral of President John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated 50 years ago.

Witnessing History In A Dallas Emergency Room

When he went to work on Nov. 22, 1963, ambulance driver Aubrey Rike had no idea that he would soon be offering a moment of support to Jacqueline Kennedy. "It was unbelievable that something like that happened, and he was part of it," says Rike's widow, Glenda.

Moved By Kennedy's Death, The Boston Symphony Played On

The orchestra was mid-performance when news of the president's assassination reached the symphony hall in 1963. The musicians had to decide: suspend the concert or continue? Their decision transformed a moment of shock into a moment of shared consolation.