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Rediscovered Headstones Hold Clues To Calif. Quake

California's Gilliam Cemetery appears to have more occupants as of late, but it's not only because new bodies have been buried there. Instead, old headstones that were claimed by the earth a century ago have been resurrected.

Ever-Growing Past Confounds History Teachers

Colorado State professor Jonathan Rees teaches U.S. history and, like many teachers, every few years responds to major events by adding them to his lectures. But that means other important events get left behind. As time marches forward, how do history teachers make room for the recent past?

Fun — And Olympic Games — On National Cheesecake Day

Some food holidays are pure marketing, but at least this one has a bit of Olympic history behind it. Some of the first Olympians were said to have dined on cheesecakes, although they sound a bit different from cheesecakes today.
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Virginia To Honor State's First Black Politicians

The first African Americans from Virginia to hold political office will be honored in the State Capital.


Live Pigeon Shooting And Other Odd Olympic Games

The International Olympic Committee came up with some rather unusual sporting events for the 1900 Paris Games — including one that would probably be considered shocking today.

In '1493,' Uncovering The World Columbus Discovered

When Columbus crossed the Atlantic in 1492, his journey prompted the exchange of not only information but also food, animals, insects, plants and disease between the continents. In a new book, Charles C. Mann describes the aftermath of Columbus' arrival in the Americas.
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At Vietnam Vets Memorial, Green Grass Aplenty

Some of the best-manicured grass in the region can be found around the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the National Mall — thanks to dedicated volunteers and generous private donors.

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Tal McThenia & Margaret Dunbar Cutright: "A Case For Solomon: Bobby Dunbar And The Kidnapping That Haunted A Nation"

In 1912, the 4-year-old son of a wealthy Louisiana family went missing. A legal battle erupted over his identity when he was found months later. His granddaughter Margaret Dunbar Cutright and documentarian Tal McThenia describe the struggle to determine the boy's identity.

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Wheaton Costco Gas Station Zoning Up For Vote

A vote on potential zoning changes in Montgomery County that would preclude a Costco "mega" gas station from being built close to residential areas is up for vote on Tuesday.

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Punishing Penn State, Rewriting History?

We examine the NCAA's punitive actions against Penn State's football program in the wake of a sexual abuse scandal involving a former assistant coach.