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National Archives To Display Famous Signatures

The institution will display signatures from historic figures, and an oddly controversial dress worn by Michelle Obama on the president's first election night in 2008.

Plan Bossy Instead Of Ban Bossy?

The "ban bossy" campaign has support of women CEOs and even Beyonce. But critics say it misses the mark. The beauty shop ladies weigh in: Connie Schultz, Keli Goff, Bridget Johnson and Michele Norris.

What U.S. Learned From 'Heathen School' Wasn't Part Of The Lesson Plan

The 19th century, Connecticut school sought to convert young men from Hawaii, China, India and the Native American nations and then send them home as Christian missionaries. It did not go as planned.

Cannibals And Colonialism: Solving The Mystery Of Michael Rockefeller

The son of one of America's wealthiest families disappeared off the island of New Guinea in 1961. Writer Carl Hoffman explains how he thinks Rockefeller died and why the truth was kept hidden.

Remembering The Late Politician Reubin Askew

The Florida Governor pushed for racial equality in the 1970s, when it was not popular to do so. Ken Rudin, political analyst and host of his own podcast, Ken Rudin's Political Junkie, remembers Askew.

Here Are The 24 Heroic Stories Behind Today's Medals Of Honor

At the White House, the nation's highest honor for valor in action will go to 24 men — three of whom are still alive. Most were Jewish or Hispanic and had been unfairly passed over.

Japanese Tea Ritual Turned 15th Century 'Tupperware' Into Art

Eight hundred years ago, tea traveled to Japan from China in simple, ceramic storage jars. These ancient jugs, now on display in Washington, D.C., helped launch Japan's tea culture.

The Dark History Of Green Food On St. Patrick's Day

Cupcakes, cookies and beer dyed green may mean party time in America, but on the Emerald Isle, they harken back to a desperate past. Still, Ireland has learned to embrace the kitsch for the tourists.

St. Patrick's Day Beyond 'Kiss Me' Signs and Green Bagels

St. Patrick's Day is known for parades, parties and everything green. But it's also a time to remember what brought so many Irish people to the United States. Historian Christine Kinealy explains.

What Are The Rules For Changing A Country's Borders?

Drawing borders feels like an anachronism that was the domain of 19th-century diplomats, but Crimea shows that national boundaries still aren't considered fixed in many parts of the world.