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Walking Enthusiasts To Retrace Steps Of 1963 Kennedy March

Robert Kennedy's 50-mile hike in freezing weather — prompted by a joke his brother President John F. Kennedy made — kicked off the nation's walking and hiking craze. To honor the anniversary of the walk, a group of people plan to follow in his footsteps.
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Remaking The Image Of A Washingtonian Who Made Over The City

When it comes to Washington native son Alexander Robey Shepherd, you could say the controversial figure was associated with not one makeover, but two.

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Residents Restore Historic Chesapeake Bay Boat 'Kathryn'

Residents of Maryland's Eastern Shore are raising money to make over a more than 100-year-old oyster dredgeboat, or skipjack.


Stolen California Petroglyphs Returned, But Many Questions Remain

Ancient petroglyphs that were sawed and blasted out of rock formations in eastern California have been recovered. The Bureau of Land Management has recovered the artifacts which are sacred to the local Paiute tribe.

Archaeologists Confirm Parking Lot Remains Are King Richard III

Scientists say some bones that were dug up in a parking lot in Leicester are those of King Richard III, the much maligned fifteenth century monarch. The research was driven by those who believe that the king was the victim of a posthumous smear campaign in which Shakespeare played a role.

King Richard III May Not Have Been The Tyrant Shakespeare Made Him Out To Be

DNA tests have confirmed that remains found beneath a UK parking lot are those of King Richard III, who ruled over England in the 15th century. Audie Cornish speaks with historian John Ashdown-Hill about who Richard III was in life and in literature.