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Cinco De Mayo: Whose Holiday Is It, Anyway?

Expect to see margarita specials and sombreros galore throughout this weekend — even though, in most of Mexico, May 5 is no big deal.
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Capitol Dome Reopened For Tours, Now With Scaffolding And Netting

As part of renovations expected to last for the next several years, the Capitol building looks like a work in progress.


Dartmouth Celebrates 50 Years Of BASIC Computer Language

The new programming language, developed five decades ago, didn't require code to be entered on punch cards. It also allowed computer novices to begin programming without a lot of academic training.

Century-Old Jewish Mural Was Hidden For Decades In Vermont

In the late 1800s, Jewish immigrants brought the Eastern European tradition of synagogue murals to Burlington. Now one such mural, painted in 1910, is being restored.

Ringleader Of Human Smuggling Ring Dies, Leaving A Complex Legacy

Cheng Chui Ping died of cancer in prison on Thursday. She made a career of smuggling thousands of Chinese immigrants to the U.S. and worked with a notoriously violent gang to enforce payment.

If We'd Only Known About The Impending Spam

Twenty years ago, NPR alerted staff members that they would soon have access to a new form of communication: "A collection of computer networks that is connected around the world."

A Search For Cervantes That Don Quixote Could Embrace

Scientists have begun using radar to search for the body of Spain's most famous writer, Miguel de Cervantes, who is believed to be buried in a medieval convent in Madrid.

Letter Written Aboard Titanic On Fateful Last Day Sells For $200,000

"The sailors say we have had a wonderful passage up to now," reads the letter from a passenger to her mother. It was sold at auction in England Saturday.

Family Celebrates The Return Of Missing WWII Soldier's Remains

The remains of William T. Carneal were found on the coastline of Saipan last year. After 70 years, Pfc. Carneal was remembered in a ceremony in his hometown of Paducah, Ky.

Memories, And Mended Reputation, Reclaimed From Century-Old Wreckage

Researchers have found the remains of a sunken ship involved in one of San Francisco's worst maritime disasters. The 1888 ship collision had ignited racial passions at a time of rampant anti-Chinese sentiment.