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Extra! Read All About It: 'Girl Stunt Reporter' Turns 150

Nellie Bly of the New York World was one of the most famous "girl stunt reporters" of her time. Now, the first ever edited collection of her work is being released, in honor of her 150th birthday.

Artists Bring Back The Human Zoo To Teach A Lesson In History

In 1914, 80 African men, women and children were brought to Oslo for the sole purpose of being gazed upon in a thatched hut village for five months by Norwegian natives.
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Sapling From Anne Frank Tree Planted On Capitol Grounds

A sapling honoring victims of the Holocaust has been planted at the U.S. Capitol.


Poised And Persistent, Reporter Broke White House Color Barrier

Harry McAlpin became the first black White House reporter in 1944, though he was excluded from joining the Correspondents' Association. Decades later, he'll be be honored at the group's centennial.

Once Scorned As A Racket, Pinball Remade Itself As Game Of Skill

Pinball was once banned in New York City, lumped in with gambling and other social evils. It's crime? Stealing lunch money of innocent children.

In 4,000 Years, One Thing Hasn't Changed: It Takes Time To Buy Light

You can trace 4,000 years of economic growth through the history of light. The ways we got from a candle, made from of animal fat, to the LED lights we have today tell a lot about our modern economy.

The Grim History Of The Modern Death Penalty

Richard Dieter, the executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center, offers a primer on the history of capital punishment.

Yiddish Culture Takes Center Stage

An effort to preserve the Yiddish language is getting a boost from the theater world. The artistic director of the National Yiddish Theatre-Folksbiene talks about preserving the language through art.

Behind 'Belle': An 18th Century Portrait Ahead Of Its Time

Director Amma Asante's new film is based on the real-life story of a biracial woman who grew up in an aristocratic English family — a story that was immortalized in a painting by Johann Zoffany.

Cinco De Mayo: Whose Holiday Is It, Anyway?

Expect to see margarita specials and sombreros galore throughout this weekend — even though, in most of Mexico, May 5 is no big deal.