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For Sale: One Maltese Falcon, Dreams Included

At an auction in New York, one of the two statues used in the 1941 movie will be up for bid. Sam Spade would say the falcon is much more than a bird: It's the "stuff that dreams are made of."

JFK Had The Wit To Lampoon Himself

Host Scott Simon looks back at the witticisms of President John F. Kennedy, with a little help from late night TV host and comedian Conan O'Brien.

Time To Mix Up The Manischewitz Turkey Brine For Thanksgivukkah

Jewish foodies say the flavors of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving are a culinary match made in heaven. And this Thanksgivukkah feast is especially sweet because it may not happen again for 80,000 years.

Ancient Wine Bar? Giant Jugs Of Vino Unearthed In 3,700-Year-Old Cellar

Archaeologists have discovered the oldest wine cellar known, and the personal stash was massive: It once stored more than 500 gallons of vino. But these Bronze Age winemakers weren't just fermenting plain-old wine. They also got creative, infusing it with herbs and spices.

Rev. T.J. Jemison Remembered As Civil Rights Movement Pioneer

Louisiana is paying tribute Friday to the Rev. T.J. Jemison, a strong and steady voice against unequal treatment for blacks in the Jim Crow South. Jemison helped organize a bus boycott in Baton Rouge in 1953 and later advised Martin Luther King Jr. and others on how to orchestrate the Montgomery boycott.

Walter Cronkite On The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy

Walter Cronkite anchored the CBS News coverage during the first hours after bullets hit President Kennedy in Dallas 50 years ago Friday. Cronkite returned to that day many years later in a piece for NPR, weaving together audio from the archives and his own reminiscences.

How Live TV Helped America Mourn The Loss Of JFK

Critic David Bianculli remembers watching the original news coverage of Kennedy's assassination — four days of unprecedented television — when he was 10 years old. He recalls how from that point on, TV, not radio, was the dominant medium for breaking news.

Using Modern Ballistics to Crack 'Cold Case JFK'

If the JFK assassination happened today, would we have the tools to crack the case? Ballistics experts Luke and Mike Haag apply 3D laser and Doppler technology to the crime scene for new insights into the "single bullet theory" and the "grassy knoll."

Shortened Term Limited JFK's Accomplishments, But Not His Contributions

Fresh Air's Dave Davies discusses John F. Kennedy's abbreviated term in office with presidential historian Robert Dallek, who finds that while you can make an argument that Kennedy accomplished little, he represents something special in the American experience. Dallek's latest book is Camelot's Court: Inside The Kennedy White House.
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Washington Dysfunction And The U.S. Constitution

There's widespread agreement that our government is not working well. Legal scholars debate the causes of dysfunction in Washington and how the U.S. Constitution plays a role.