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How To Cross 5 International Borders In 1 Minute Without Sweating

Nations need borders for security, for revenue, for defense, for identity. But for fun? Introducing borders that giggle.

The Amazing Mr. 'Please, Please, Please' Himself: James Brown

With a new biopic in theaters this weekend, Ozy.com's Eugene S. Robinson revisits one of the greatest routines of the "Godfather of Soul."

America's Obsession With Sharks Has A Long History

America's obsession with sharks dates to 1916 and a series of attacks along the Jersey Shore — and includes a forgotten act of courage.

In 1879, Explorers Set Sail To Solve Arctic Mystery, Once And For All

In the Kingdom of Ice tells the story of a "grand and terrible" 19th century expedition into uncharted Arctic waters. Of the 33 men who set out, only 13 made it home after a truly harrowing voyage.

M. Caldwell Butler, A True Bipartisan Politician

The Republican lawmaker from Virginia who died this week was not afraid to go against his party, or reach across the aisle, to stand against corruption.

How Cultures Move Across Continents

Researchers have mapped the travels of 150,000 artists, politicians and religious leaders over the past 2,000 years. The videos reveal how cultural achievements ebb and flow across the U.S and Europe.
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One Bird's Haunting Lesson For Us, 100 Years After Its Death

In the late 1800s, passenger pigeons filled the skies in the U.S. By 1914, there was just one left.


Forget Tea Pot Dome: Harding's Love Letters Make For A New Steamy Scandal

The Library of Congress has released the rather racy love letters that former President Warren G. Harding sent to his mistress, Carrie Fulton Phillips.


Ghost Cats And Musket Balls: Stories Told By Capitol Interns

Giving Capitol tours to constituents is a primary duty of Hill interns. They provide a great deal of information, but sometimes they're a little short on actual history.

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Ocean City Awaits Arrival Of Spanish Galleon Replica

The Eastern Shore will once again be graced with another picture of the past in the 170-foot El Galeon Andalucia, coming off filming of the NBC show "Crossbones."