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A Holocaust Survivor, Spared From Gas Chamber By Twist Of Fate

The line on the left went to Auschwitz, but an SS guard shoved Jack Mandelbaum to the right. Thus began a three-year nightmare in seven labor camps for a Jewish teenager who refused to give up hope.

Gamesmanship Or Cheating: A History Quiz

Whatever happens with the investigation of Deflategate, there is sometimes a blurry line between gaining a competitive advantage and downright cheating.

Whodunnit? King Tut's Burial Mask Damaged And Glue Didn't Help

A mystery is unfolding at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, where someone has reportedly broken off the beard of King Tut's burial mask and attempted to glue it back on.

U.S. Once Had Universal Child Care, But Rebuilding It Won't Be Easy

In his State of the Union address, President Obama referenced a little-remembered, WWII-era federal child care program, holding it up as an example he hopes to emulate with expanded federal subsidies.

When Pop Broke Up With Jazz

For the first half of the 20th century, Tin Pan Alley songwriters like Irving Berlin and the Gershwins dominated pop music. By the the 1950s, tastes had changed, and the music changed with them.

Ancient Egyptian Relic Broken, Repaired With Glue

Anonymous officials say the beard of the golden mask of King Tutankamun broke off during a cleaning last year, and was glued back on in a hurry.
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Listen To A Holocaust Survivor Explain How She Outran The Nazis On A Bicycle

Buying a bike can dramatically change the way you exercise and commute, but few bicycle purchases have proved as prophetically helpful as one Holocaust survivor who escaped the Nazi advance into Paris on two wheels.

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The Surprising Twists And Turns Of A Life Upended By WWII

Margit Meissner had to leave behind everything she knew when the Nazis annexed Austria. But the life she's lived since has been full of adventure, and she gets to impart the lessons she's learned as a guide at the U.S. Holocaust Museum.


Chicago Tries To Up Its Chances Of Hosting Obama's Presidential Library

The University of Chicago's's plan to build the library on parkland it doesn't own is a sticking point. The foundation overseeing the competition wants to pick a host university by the end of March.

X-Rays Open Secrets Of Ancient Scrolls

Scientists have used a particle accelerator to read ancient scrolls without unrolling them. The breakthrough could potentially be used to decipher hundreds of texts.