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Buster Keaton And Samuel Beckett Walk Into A Movie Studio ...

In 1964, the silent film master and the celebrated playwright made a film together. It was Beckett's first movie — and it showed. Notfilm tells the story of their collaboration.

Austrian Government Will Try To Seize The House Where Hitler Was Born

The state rents the property now, and has tried for years to purchase it from the current owner. Officials say their aim is to prevent the property from falling into the hands of neo-Nazis.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Talks 'Hamilton': Once A 'Ridiculous' Pitch, Now A Revolution

When the Broadway musical's creator said the life of Alexander Hamilton embodied hip-hop, people laughed. Now, he's written a book about the national phenomenon with former critic Jeremy McCarter.

Russia's Communist Party Seeks To Copyright Red Star Symbol

Officials are attempting to copyright their party's symbol. But it's a symbol that's been trademarked by Heineken and other companies established before the Russian Revolution.

Why Hunting Down 'Authentic Ethnic Food' Is A Loaded Proposition

In a new book, an NYU scholar explores how immigrants shape the American palate. He says it's time to ditch the phrase "ethnic food" — which lumps all nonwhite people and their cuisines together.

From India To North Korea, Via Japan: Curry's Global Journey

From British colonials who fell in love with "curry powder" in India, to Koreans who encountered the taste in Imperial Japan, the story of curry is one of globalization writ on a dish.

Remains Of Korean War Soldier Reunite A Family

Sixty-five years of not knowing what happened to Sgt. Robert Dakin — who was declared missing in action in 1950 — took a toll on generations of his family.

Researchers Work To Identify Bones Of Americans Who Died In Korean War

At a military lab in Hawaii, researchers are solving a puzzle. Thousands of bones in 208 boxes — the bones of Americans who died during the Korean war — are all mixed together. Identifying those who served is nearly impossible. Now after more than two decades, new forensic technology is making it possible. And it's just in time for the remaining brothers and sisters of those who died in Korea more than six decades ago.
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Results From The Wisconsin GOP And Democratic Presidential Primaries

The Wisconsin primary: Analysis of the results, prospects for Donald Trump's path to the GOP nomination and the delegate battle ahead between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.


Meet The 'Rocket Girls,' The Women Who Charted The Course To Space

Before there were digital computers, there were "human computers," women who used pencils and paper to do the math that helped carry the U.S. into space. Nathalia Holt tells their story in a new book.