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In Kiev, Protesters Topple Statue Of Vladimir Lenin

Thousands of protesters are calling for the ouster of their president, who wants closer ties with Russia. Ukraine has seen daily protests for more than two weeks now.

When Nelson Met Boris: How Mandela's Grace Transformed A Moment

It was the spring of 1999 in Moscow, and two of the 20th century's great revolutionary leaders, South Africa's Nelson Mandela and Russia's Boris Yeltsin, were having their first face-to-face talks as presidents of their nations. Yeltsin was struggling, but with a few simple gestures, Mandela changed the narrative.

Ghana's President: Mandela's Long Walk Became Africa's Journey

As the world pays tribute to Nelson Mandela, Ghana's president, John Dramani Mahama, remembers the effect the elder statesman had on his own political career. Mahama shares his memories with host Michel Martin.

South Africans Mourn Loss Of 'Father' Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was an inspirational figure around the world for decades. Host Michel Martin talks with Ferial Haffajee, editor at City Press in Johannesburg, about the immediate reactions from South Africans to Mandela's passing.

Music And Mandela: Vusi Mahlasela Remembers

South African musician Vusi Mahlasela's work was born out of the struggle against apartheid. His song "When You Come Back" was performed at Mandela's 1994 inauguration and was written to the political exiles who escaped South Africa. Mahlasela shares his memories with host Michel Martin.

Mandela Suffered The Most So He Could Ask The Most, Says Ambassador

The world is reacting to news that Nelson Mandela has passed away. Ebrahim Rasool, South Africa's Ambassador to the United States, met Mandela in prison and he's been inspired by him ever since. Rasool speaks to host Michel Martin about Nelson Mandela's life and legacy.

Adrift In Frigid Water, Not Caring 'If You Live Or Die'

A ship called the Daniel J. Morrell was making its last haul of the season when it broke apart in a heavy storm on Lake Huron in November 1966. A few crew members struggled to stay afloat in the driving wind and waves, but ultimately, Dennis Hale was the shipwreck's sole survivor.

Nelson Mandela: An Audio History

A Radio Diaries documentary offers a window into South Africa's half-century-long struggle for democracy through rare sound recordings of freedom fighter Nelson Mandela — and those who fought with and against him.

The First Time I Heard The Name 'Mandela'

The South African leader's life held special power for black Americans, who lost many iconic civil rights leaders tragically early. Karen Grigsby Bates reflects on Mandela's legacy.
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Nelson Mandela Was Inspiration For D.C., Local Leaders

Nelson Mandela, who passed away at age 95 on Thursday, left a lasting legacy in the District, where his struggle against Apartheid served as an inspiration for local civil rights leaders.