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Going There: The Future Of Water

Western states like Colorado are balancing competing demands for waterways. When recreation, agriculture and civic interests find themselves at odds, how can water resources be divided fairly?

Anthony Mackie On Portraying Martin Luther King Jr. In 'All The Way'

All The Way is a drama from HBO that chronicles President Lyndon B. Johnson's struggle to pass the Civil Rights Act. Michel Martin speaks with Anthony Mackie, who portrays Martin Luther King Jr.

Archaeologists Find Early Shakespeare Theater Was Rectangular

Archaeologist Heather Knight tells NPR's Scott Simon about how the Curtain Theatre, where Shakespeare staged early plays, was rectangular and not round.

For 70 Years, A Mug In Auschwitz Held A Secret Treasure

The Auschwitz museum has thousands of pieces of enameled kitchenware. In one mug, a carefully constructed false bottom successfully hid items from the Nazis.

A Peek Into The CIA Art Gallery Reveals [REDACTED]

There's a private art gallery at CIA headquarters — who knew? Museum director Toni Hiley says the agency has a young workforce, and the collection of art and artifacts helps them learn from the past.

Stolen Letter From Columbus Found In The Library Of Congress And Returned To Italy

It was stolen from Florence, Italy, and replaced with a fake, which went unnoticed for two decades. Researchers have proved that a document found in the Library of Congress is the stolen letter.

U.S. Returns Stolen Christopher Columbus Letter To Italy

The U.S. returned a copy of a 15th century letter written by Columbus that details his voyage to the Americas. The letter was stolen from a library in Florence and wound up in the Library of Congress.
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Anacostia Unmapped: The House That Gayle Built

Renita "Mommy Gayle" Simril talks about her memories of her Anacostia neighborhood — and what motivated her to become a homeowner there.


London Museum Hopes To Reboot Eric, Britain's First Robot

They have the technology. Now they need the money. The Science Museum has launched a Kickstarter campaign to rebuild Eric, who wowed audiences after he was created in 1928 — and then vanished.

'Valiant Ambition' Tells Of Benedict Arnold's Turn From Hero To Traitor

NPR's Steve Inskeep talks with National Book Award winner Nathaniel Philbrick about his new book, Valiant Ambition: George Washington, Benedict Arnold, and the Fate of the American Revolution.