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Pope Francis Inspires Black Catholics, Despite Complicated Church History On Race

The arrival of Pope Francis has triggered discussions of the Catholic Church's historic treatment of the African-American faithful, and has sparked hopes for a better future.


'A Street Divided' Explores The History Of An Arab-Israeli No Man's Land

Renee Montagne talks with Dion Nissenbaum, whose book tells the stories of Israeli and Palestinian families on Assael Street, a political and religious fault line in Jerusalem since 1948.
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Pope Francis Makes His First Visit To The U.S.

Pope Francis arrives in the U.S. this week, his first visit ever. His agenda includes an address to Congress, and meetings at the White House and the U.N. We look at how the pope is changing conversations about the environment, the world's poor and the future of the Roman Catholic Church.


Don't Call Her 'Doll': How Mary McGrory Became 'The First Queen Of Journalism'

The columnist could write like an angel — and bite like an asp. In a new biography, John Norris recounts McGrory's first big break and the proposition she received from a Democratic president.

What's In A Name? Maybe, The First Recorded Use Of A Swear Word

A scholar of medieval history believes he may have found the earliest recorded evidence of the "F-word." NPR's Scott Simon muses on what makes a word vulgar, or an obscenity.

Grapes Of Wrath: The Forgotten Filipinos Who Led A Farmworker Revolution

Cesar Chavez inspired the world; Larry Itliong inspired Cesar Chavez. In 1965, the Filipino laborer led California grape pickers on a strike that would spark the modern farmworker movement.

Two Political Operatives Walk Into A Bar... And One Throws A Punch

Aides for Marco Rubio and Rand Paul's campaign scuffled in a Michigan bar on Thursday. American political history is littered with other similar confrontations.

Before Or After 1900? A History Game

American history repeats itself often enough that we sometimes feel like we are living in an infinite loop. Here is a quiz that explores that notion.

CIA Releases Declassified Secret President's Daily Brief

The President's Daily Brief is one of the most secretive documents in Washington. The CIA has made public hundreds of briefs covering 8 years during John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson's presidencies.

Inside The Vacant Caverns Of St. Louis' Other Beer Baron

Anheuser-Busch managed to survive Prohibition by diversifying, while its nearby competitor in St. Louis, Lemp Brewery, failed. But Lemp's legacy remains in the caves where it used to chill its beer.