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Forty Years Later, New Watergate Court Records Released

Curious about the four man involved with the infamous Watergate break-in? Documents on them are now open for the first time.


Ex-Nixon Adviser, Leonard Garment, Dies At 89

As the Watergate scandal unfolded, Leonard Garment urged President Nixon not to destroy tapes of conversations he had made at the White House. The tapes played a major role in Nixon resigning the presidency.

'Night Witch' Flew Bomber Planes During World War II

As a young woman, Nadezhda Popova volunteered as a pilot during World War II to drop bombs on German troops, flying planes made of plywood and canvas. Their enemies called them "Night Witches" because the airplanes sounded like a witch's broomstick when they flew overhead. Popova died July 8.

Christ In Context: 'Zealot' Explores The Life Of Jesus

Writer and scholar Reza Aslan converted to Christianity when he was a teenager, but found that as he grew older, he was far more interested in Jesus as a man than as a Messiah. His new book, Zealot, considers Jesus in the context of the time and place in which he lived.

Our Collective War Story In 185 Photographs

You've maybe seen some photography. But have you seen 185 photographs spanning 165 years in one place? A ground-breaking exhibition shows what it all has in common: It's constant.

A Peek Inside A Once Top Secret Spot In Atomic Age History

Want to take a tour of the world's first full-scale nuclear reactor? It's in Richland, Wash., and if you're lucky, your guide will be one of the people who worked here when the place was still new. Physicist Paul Vinther signed on at the plant in June 1950, and he now gives tours.

The Civil Rights Stand Of A Young Gerald Ford

President Gerald Ford was born 100 years ago Sunday. He is best known for pardoning President Richard Nixon, but a little-known story from his college days might also serve to define his character.

An Ancient Parchment Refuses To Give Up Its Secrets

The Voynich Manuscript, a mysterious late-medieval document filled with illustrations and strange text, has befuddled countless would-be translators. Is it a book of natural science? Alchemy? Herbology? Astronomy? No one knows, because no one's been able to decipher it.

In The Royal Baby Guessing Game, What's The Surname?

It's royal baby time in the UK. Great amounts of speculation and wagering seem to surround the choice of a name — George, James, Charlotte, Elizabeth? But what about the surname for this little prince or princess? There are a couple of options!
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Ricky Skaggs: "Kentucky Traveler: My Life in Music"

Grammy Award-winning musician Ricky Skaggs reflects on 50 years of playing bluegrass and country hits. In a new memoir, he recalls his early days as a child prodigy in Kentucky and later performing with Ray Charles, Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris.