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Little Lucketts, Va., Hosts World's Oldest Bluegrass Concert Series

The tiny hamlet of Lucketts, Va., is home to one stop light, an antique store, a gas station, and a 40-year-old music tradition.


Mystery Bidder At French Auction Plans To Return Sacred Hopi Items

Twenty-four items sold for $530,000 this week in Paris. The Los Angeles-based Annenberg Foundation turned out to be the buyer, and says it stepped in after a French court rejected efforts to halt the auction.

Is Pope Francis Really 'The People's Pope'?

Time magazine has named Pope Francis its Person of the Year, calling him "The People's Pope." Francis has called on the Roman Catholic Church leadership to emphasize compassion and prioritize caring for the poor. Host Michel Martin speaks to a panel of Catholic leaders to hear their thoughts on Pope Francis.

Who Is The Next Mandela?

As Nelson Mandela is laid to rest, guest host Celeste Headlee asks if there's another activist who might galvanize the world in the same way. She speaks with Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times and Human Rights First's Brian Dooley.

Recalling Nelson Mandela's 'Funny And Humble' Side

As the world mourns Nelson Mandela, many Americans are remembering their involvement in his life. Celeste Headlee speaks to Sharon Gelman, of Artists for a New South Africa, which was founded in 1989 by actors like Alfre Woodard and Danny Glover, to fight apartheid.

Don't You Dare Call Me A Hipster! I, Sir, Am A 'Hep Cat'

Jive-talking, jazz-loving "hep cats" from the 1930s and 1940s are the great-grandparents of today's hipsters. The interest of white fans in black music helped fill Harlem's nightclubs and prompted derision. Hipsters were criticized for being the equivalent of a "pretentious poet laureate."

In Kiev, Protesters Topple Statue Of Vladimir Lenin

Thousands of protesters are calling for the ouster of their president, who wants closer ties with Russia. Ukraine has seen daily protests for more than two weeks now.

When Nelson Met Boris: How Mandela's Grace Transformed A Moment

It was the spring of 1999 in Moscow, and two of the 20th century's great revolutionary leaders, South Africa's Nelson Mandela and Russia's Boris Yeltsin, were having their first face-to-face talks as presidents of their nations. Yeltsin was struggling, but with a few simple gestures, Mandela changed the narrative.

Ghana's President: Mandela's Long Walk Became Africa's Journey

As the world pays tribute to Nelson Mandela, Ghana's president, John Dramani Mahama, remembers the effect the elder statesman had on his own political career. Mahama shares his memories with host Michel Martin.

South Africans Mourn Loss Of 'Father' Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was an inspirational figure around the world for decades. Host Michel Martin talks with Ferial Haffajee, editor at City Press in Johannesburg, about the immediate reactions from South Africans to Mandela's passing.