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Does It Matter if Schools Are Racially Integrated?

Sixty years ago, the historic Brown v. Board of Education ruling was supposed to level the field for all students. But some educators say we haven't made a lot of progress.
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Armed for Nonviolence: Guns and the Civil Rights Movement

Journalist and former civil rights activist Charles E. Cobb Jr. joins Kojo to explore the role that armed self-defense played in the "nonviolent" civil rights movement.


Oldest National Park Ranger Shares 'What Gets Remembered'

Betty Reid Soskin has seen World War II, the civil rights movement, and lived "lots and lots of lives." The 92-year-old shares what she's learned with guest host Celeste Headlee.

Christopher Columbus Ship The Santa Maria May Have Been Found

The ship sank in 1492 after hitting reefs off the Haitian coast. Undersea explorer Barry Clifford says he's working with Haiti's government to carry out an archaeological excavation of the wreck.

Turnspit Dogs: The Rise And Fall Of The Vernepator Cur

The turnspit dog was once an essential part of every large kitchen in Britain. Bred to run in a wheel that turned a roasting spit, the small but strong dogs ensured that the meat cooked evenly.

Congressman Clyburn Reflects On A Life Of 'Blessed Experiences'

South Carolina Representative James Clyburn's new memoir Blessed Experiences: Genuinely Southern, Proudly Black shares lessons learned on his way from the Jim Crow South to a top spot on Capitol Hill.
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Washington Monument Reopens Monday After Three Years

A 2011 earthquake forced the closure of the Washington Monument, but the city's iconic obelisk is being reopened to the general public on Monday.


Descendants Of Chinese Laborers Reclaim Railroad's History

America's first transcontinental railroad was completed with a golden spike 145 years ago. Thousands of Chinese workers helped build it, but their faces were left out of photos from that historic day.
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D.C. Jazz History

Even before jazz came into its own, D.C. was a hub of black music, with clubs along U Street drawing racially diverse crowds in a city that was otherwise segregated. As jazz developed and artists from and traveling through the District...

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Preserving D.C.'s Archives

Long-stalled plans to centralize and modernize DC Archives are now underway, and a newly formed group calling itself Friends of DC Archives are joining in.