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Beijing Tightens Control Ahead Of Tiananmen Square Anniversary

Nearly 3 decades have passed since democracy protests in Beijing's Tiananmen Square turned deadly and repression followed. Ailsa Chang talks to Louisa Lim, author of People's Republic of Amnesia.

Hello From Londinium: Oldest Handwritten Documents In British History Discovered

Notes, bills and contracts dating to as early as A.D. 43 were discovered during work on a new building in London. The wooden tablets mention debts, legal disputes and one Tertius the Brewer.

Digging Up The Roots Of Modern Waste In Victorian-Era Rubbish

Some archaeologists excavate Roman ruins. Others dig up garbage. In England, a project is underway to study what people threw out in Victorian times, to learn about the start of the consumer era.

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Readers' Review: "The Good Lord Bird" By James McBride

For our next Readers' Review: National Book Award winner "The Good Lord Bird" by James McBride. The 2013 novel follows an enslaved boy who gets caught up in John Brown's abolitionist mission — and must disguise himself as a girl to survive.


Long A Symbol, Stonewall Inn May Soon Become Monument To LGBT Rights

President Obama may use his executive authority to declare the site of the Stonewall riots in New York City as the first national monument dedicated to the struggle for LGBT rights.

The King Of Zydeco, The Supremes, Merle Haggard Among Recordings Joining Library Of Congress

Each year the Library of Congress adds certain sound recordings as national treasures. Curator of Recorded Sound Matthew Barton explains the cultural significance of this year's selections.

'Roots' Remake: Your Take

We want to hear your thoughts on the remake of the classic series. Use your phone's voice memo app to record yourself and email the audio to nprcrowdsource@npr.org using the subject line "Roots."

Museum Finds Piece Of WWII History For Sale On EBay

Museum volunteers were perusing eBay when they happened upon a Lorenz teleprinter used by the Nazis to transmit encrypted messages. It was labeled a telegram machine and sold for just $14.

Is Primary Rivalry Making The Democratic Party Stronger Like It Did In 2008?

It's not the first time we've seen a bitter end to the Democratic primaries. In 2008, divisive moments came through personal attacks. But back then, Clinton and Obama pushed similar ideologies.

Obama Makes Historic Visit To Hiroshima

President Obama is the first sitting U.S. president to visit the city since American warplanes bombed it in WWII. The president did not apologize, but some Japanese still found solace in his remarks.