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The Civil Rights Stand Of A Young Gerald Ford

President Gerald Ford was born 100 years ago Sunday. He is best known for pardoning President Richard Nixon, but a little-known story from his college days might also serve to define his character.

An Ancient Parchment Refuses To Give Up Its Secrets

The Voynich Manuscript, a mysterious late-medieval document filled with illustrations and strange text, has befuddled countless would-be translators. Is it a book of natural science? Alchemy? Herbology? Astronomy? No one knows, because no one's been able to decipher it.

In The Royal Baby Guessing Game, What's The Surname?

It's royal baby time in the UK. Great amounts of speculation and wagering seem to surround the choice of a name — George, James, Charlotte, Elizabeth? But what about the surname for this little prince or princess? There are a couple of options!
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Ricky Skaggs: "Kentucky Traveler: My Life in Music"

Grammy Award-winning musician Ricky Skaggs reflects on 50 years of playing bluegrass and country hits. In a new memoir, he recalls his early days as a child prodigy in Kentucky and later performing with Ray Charles, Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris.


Mary Hamilton, The Woman Who Put The 'Miss' In Court

Mary Hamilton, a field secretary for the Congress of Racial Equality, was arrested at an Alabama protest and refused to answer the judge unless he called her "Miss." It was custom for white people to get honorifics, but black people were called by first names.
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Activist Recalls A Half Century Fighting For D.C.'s History

In the 1960s, an Adams Morgan resident discovered she'd have to fight to save her neighborhood from urban renewal.


Royals In Nappies: A Family Album

The photographers are already camping out ahead of the expected birth this month of Britain's third in line to the throne. As we wait for that highly anticipated first photo, here's a look back at a few other babies who made a royal entrance.
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Maryland Lawmaker Proposes National Park On The Moon

There are already 59 national parks in the United States, but one being proposed by Maryland Democratic Congresswoman Donna Edwards would be quite literally out of this world.


New Voting Laws: Forward-looking Or A Step Back?

Several state legislatures are moving to amend voting laws after a controversial Supreme Court decision limited enforcement of the Voting Rights Act. Host Michel Martin gets an overview of the future of voting rights across the states.

Farming Got Hip In Iran Some 12,000 Years Ago, Ancient Seeds Reveal

Archaeologists had considered Iran unimportant in the history of farming – until now. Ancient seeds and farming tools uncovered in Iran reveal Stone Age people there were growing lentils, barley and other crops. The findings offer a snapshot of a time when humans first started experimenting with farming.