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50 Years Ago, Freedom Summer Began By Training For Battle

Thousands of civil rights activists descended upon Mississippi in 1964 to help register African-American voters. For many, the first stop was intensive training — including how to take a beating.

The Chilling Reality Of Cold War Nuclear Survival

On June 14, 1954, the United States conducted its first civil defense test. When the alarm was sounded, millions headed for cover, believing they might actually survive a nuclear attack.

'Lawrence' Of Arabia: From Archaeologist To War Hero

Scott Anderson's book explains how British officer T.E. Lawrence used his knowledge of Arab culture and medieval history to advance British causes. Originally broadcast Aug. 19, 2013.

The World's Watching Soccer, But Basketball Is On The Barbershop's Brain

The most popular global sporting event, the World Cup, kicked off this week in Brazil. But the Barbershop guys are fired up about games closer to home: the NBA finals.

Remembering Ruby Dee: 'Think Of Me And Feel Encouraged'

In remembrance of the life of actress and activist Ruby Dee, Tell Me More presents an encore broadcast of Michel Martin's 2007 interview with the legendary actress and activist.

40 Years On, Woodward And Bernstein Recall Reporting On Watergate

The now-legendary reporters revisit the famous D.C. complex as they remember writing All The President's Men, their detective story-style account of uncovering Richard Nixon's scandalous conspiracy.


Remembering A Civil Rights Swim-In: 'It Was A Milestone'

Fifty years ago, J.T. Johnson and Al Lingo jumped into a whites-only pool in Florida as part of a civil rights protest. They were taken to jail — after the hotel owner poured acid into the water.
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New Wave Of D.C. Brews Draws From Tradition Going Back Centuries (Rebroadcast)

A new wave of craft breweries in D.C. has reignited the city's taste for suds, but as Garrett Peck explains in his new book, the nation's capital has a long history with brewing beer.

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Ferry Service Kicks Off 331st Year In Tiny Eastern Shore Town (Rebroadcast)

Things have changed quite a bit since the Oxford-Bellevue Ferry was established more than three centuries ago.

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From Go-Go's Heyday To Today: One Musician's Love Affair With D.C. Music (Rebroadcast)

Donald Tillery played trumpet with Chuck Brown's band during the heyday of go-go, and he's still making music decades later.