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Health Officials Announce Return Of Ebola In Liberia

Liberia has gone several months without a case of Ebola, but this week, health officials announced two new cases.

Industry Payments To Doctors Are Ingrained, Federal Data Show

The latest data on payments from drug and device companies to doctors show that many doctors received payments on 100 or more days last year. Some received payments on more days than they didn't.

How Your Brain Remembers Where You Parked The Car

When people saw photos that linked a famous person with a famous place, it changed the behavior of certain neurons in their brains. And it changed their memories, too.

Antipsychotics Too Often Prescribed For Aggression In Children

Drugs intended to treat psychosis are also used to treat behavioral problems in children with ADHD. Less risky behavioral treatments and medications should be the first choice, researchers say.

Benefits Of Sports To A Child's Mind And Heart All Part Of The Game

In NPR's most recent poll, a majority of American adults say they played sports in their youth. Many say they encourage their kids to play, too, and see health benefits as well as lifelong lessons.

Buy A Meth House Unawares And Pay The Health Consequences

The residue from meth labs can cause health problems, but people aren't always told that the house they're buying is contaminated. An Indiana law requires disclosure but not mandatory testing.

A Phys Ed Teacher Battles Tight Budgets And Childhood Obesity

Mindy Przeor founded an after-school program in Mesa, Ariz., to get elementary school kids up and running.
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D.C. To Penalize Stores That Sell Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic marijuana is hard to regulate but easy to find. Officials say it's being sold all over D.C., in gas stations, liquor stores and other retail outlets — and the stuff is far from harmless.

Ebola Returns To Liberia With A Mysterious Case Near Monrovia

A teenage boy tested positive for Ebola in a town outside the capital city. It's unknown where he caught the virus, and health officials are concerned the case could spark another outbreak.
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D.C. Again Shows Gains In Fight Against HIV, But Struggles To Reach Youth

The number of people living with HIV/AIDS in the District of Columbia has continued ticking downward, but city officials admit they are struggling to reach young residents.