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More Americans Are Checking Prices Before Getting Health Care

Among recent health care consumers, 16 percent said they'd looked for prices beforehand, compared with 11 percent who'd answered that way two years ago. The most common source is a doctor's office, cited by 50 percent of people who checked on prices.

Mayor Bloomberg Calls For Ban On Sugary Drinks

New York City's mayor wants to ban sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces from being sold at restaurants, delis and other venues to combat obesity. It's not the first time Mayor Bloomberg has taken on the soda industry. The announcement is prompting objections from beverage distributors — and from some New Yorkers who say they're fed up with the crusades of so-called Nanny Bloomberg.

Bloomberg's Sugary Drink Ban May Not Change Soda Drinkers' Habits

Mayor Bloomberg's proposed ban on large sugary drinks may not slake peoples' thirst for them, or address the obesity problem. A behavioral expert says people who want to buy lots of soda may just rebel at being told what to do.

As Prosthetics Improve, Amputees Face New Choices

For years, the goal of surgery was to save as much of the amputee's limb as possible. Now, many are opting to amputate more extensively — having healthy parts of their limbs removed — in order to regain more normal, pain-free function with a prosthetic limb.
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D.C. Museum Uses Art To Help Alzheimer's Patients

The Kreeger Museum in D.C. pairs dementia patients and their caregivers with middle-school students to enjoy art.


Sick in America: Hispanics Grapple With Cost And Quality Of Care

When it comes to out-of-pocket costs for health care, 42 percent of Hispanics say they're a "very serious" problem, according to a recent NPR poll. The finding runs counter to the widespread impression that African-Americans are worst-off when it comes to the cost and quality of health care.

To Help Women Worldwide, 'Walk In Their Shoes'

Ritu Sharma, the president of the nonprofit Women Thrive Worldwide, spends time each year living and working with underprivileged women in order to better understand their lives. She hopes to help lift women and children out of poverty by influencing U.S policy.