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When Parents Are Addicts, What Happens To Kids?

Family, friends and fans flocked to New Jersey during the weekend for the funeral of Whitney Houston. The music legend was public about her struggle with substance abuse, and her daughter is one of millions who had to cope with that addiction. Host Michel Martin and a panel of parents discuss how parents' addictions affect their kids.

How Using Antibiotics In Animal Feed Creates Superbugs

Researchers have shown how a bacterium resistant to antibiotic treatment passed from humans to pigs to humans. And now the new resistant human bug appears to be spreading beyond people with direct exposure to livestock.

Convenient Methods For Birth Control Take More Work For Payment

Insurers often don't cover condoms, contraceptive sponges and spermicides unless people get a prescription for them. And that requires thinking ahead.

More Children Struggle With Gender Identity Disorder

The March issue of the medical journal Pediatrics features an editorial looking at gender identity disorder in children. Pediatricians apparently are seeing more young patients who express an interest in changing their gender.
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New Dental Clinic Bolsters Access for D.C.’s Low-Income Patients

A new dental clinic in D.C. is offering access  to citizens of the District for whom a visit to the dentist was once an unaffordable luxury when Medicare and Medicaid wouldn't foot the bill.


Army Moves To Act Fast On Battlefield Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are often caused by a blast: A bomb explodes and the concussive effect violently shakes the brain. The Army has had a mixed record treating soldiers for TBI. Now it's trying to spot the injury close to the battle and get soldiers out of the fight.