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Gamers Solve Stubborn Viral Mystery: The Shape Of A Key Enzyme

What stumped scientists for more than a decade took gamers only three weeks to figure out. The structure of a key reproductive enzyme in AIDS-like viruses is finally known.

To Cut Deficit, Obama Takes A Scalpel To Health Programs

But the president made clear that he doesn't intend to make any health cuts unless the Republicans relent on their pledge against new revenues.

Pediatricians Play Beat The Clock During Checkups

Every minute counts during a well-child visit. During the 15 years that ended in 2002, the American Academy of Pediatrics added 53 new things that pediatricians are supposed to work into the conversation.

HPV Vaccine: The Science Behind The Controversy

Some public health experts believe vaccinating girls as young as 11 against HPV is crucial to preventing cervical cancer later in life. But some parents struggle with the decision to get their daughters vaccinated because the virus is sexually transmitted.

Teens And Tweens Find They Too Need Vaccines To Attend School

The HPV vaccine has been attracting all the controversy lately, but dozens of states mandate that teens and preteens get other vaccines. California is in the midst of getting 3 million children immunized for whooping cough, in an effort to stop an outbreak there.

The Facts About The HPV Vaccine

There was a bit of a dust-up at last week's Republican candidate debate. It had to do with Texas governor Rick Perry's 2007 mandate that middle school girls in his state receive the HPV vaccine. Host Audie Cornish gets the facts on that vaccine from Dr. Jessica Kahn of the Cincinnati Children's Hospital.