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Nearly 1 Million Young Adults Get Insurance Under Health Law

A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds the number of people getting coverage is running ahead of the administration's estimate of how many young adults would become insured this year under the law.

So What Is The Salt?

The Salt is a blog is about what we eat and why we eat it. It's about how food opens doors for discussion all over the world, and how it shapes the world, from culture, to science, to history, to business practices and environmental impacts.

Becoming Mindful Of Medical Decision Making

Navigating medical information is tricky, particularly when patients receive advice from doctors, family members, guidelines, the media and the Internet. In Your Medical Mind, two Harvard physicians offer advice on how patients can make the best medical choices for themselves and their families.

How You Might Turn Your Health Cost Story Into A Little Cash

There are $1,000 prizes to be had for the best essays about how medical decisions affect the cost of care. There are separate categories for patients and clinicians. And the essays can reveal cost horrors or smart ways the system does more with less.

Ten Questions To Ask Your Doctor

Some doctors wince when patients show up with sheafs of Internet printouts. But a good conversation between doctor and patient can make a big difference in the quality of medical care provided. Here are some tips on what to ask.

Predicting Sexual Function After Prostate Treatment

Around half in a group of men who had surgery or radiation for prostate cancer recovered or maintained sexual function, researchers found. The finding should give men facing prostate cancer treatment a more realistic idea of what to expect before starting down the road.