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Hospitals Bank 'Liquid Gold': Human Breast Milk

Human breast milk has health benefits for infants, but many mothers can't nurse their babies. Donor milk banks in some hospitals are looking to improve infant health by distributing breast milk donated by other nursing mothers.
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DC Water Challenges Residents To Taste The Tap

Tap water is not only more environmentally sound than bottled water, but DC Water is keen to prove to District residents that it tastes as good, or better.


Caring For Others In Bountiful, Utah

The Rocky Mountain Care Foundation provides charitable healthcare services and aims to improve the overall quality of life for low-income people.

Tattoo Ink Linked To Serious Skin Infections

Federal and state health investigators have identified outbreaks of skin infections linked to tattoos in four states. At least 14 people in New York were infected by ink that was apparently contaminated during manufacturing.

Willing To Play The Dating Game With Your Food? Try A Grocery Auction

Grocery auctions find eager buyers for food that is discontinued, seasonal or near its sell-by date. The food is generally still good after its sell-by date, and these auctions may be one answer to America's growing food waste problem.

NIH Takes Extraordinary Steps In Fighting 'Superbug'

When an outbreak of a highly drug-resistant infection occurred at the National Institutes of Health's research hospital, doctors took extraordinary measures to try to stamp it out. Among them was quickly deciphering the entire genetic code of the bug to try to trace how the germ spread. Audie Cornish talks to Rob Stein.