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Recall Reveals An Egg's Long Path To The Deli Sandwich

More than one million eggs have been recalled since late January for possible contamination with listeria. Deli foods like cold cuts and hard-boiled eggs are often kept for weeks before they are used in the refrigerator, where listeria can grow like wildfire.

Teen Pregnancies Hit New Low, But Disparities Remain

While overall rates have dropped, there is still a major gap separating white, Hispanic and black teenagers. Non-Hispanic white teen pregnancy rates fell by 50 percent from their peak; Hispanic teen pregnancy rates, 37 percent; black teen pregnancy rates, 48 percent.

Wal-Mart Creates Icon For Food Packages To Encourage Healthful Choices

Walmart has introduced an easy way for shoppers to quickly identify healthier foods with a new front-of-package icon. But the announcement raises the question: Can choosing healthful food really be reduced to a simple yes-no decision?

White House: 'Ways To Resolve' Contraception Issue

GOP candidate Mitt Romney has joined those criticizing President Obama over a policy that would require most employers, including Catholic hospitals and universities, to include birth control in their employees' health insurance. The White House now says it will work to "allay" concerns.

Planned Parenthood Still In Cross Hairs

Two anti-abortion groups say funding irregularities have been found in various state and federal audits of Planned Parenthood. The groups urged Congress to continue an investigation of Planned Parenthood.