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Wanted: Mavericks And Missionaries To Solve Mississippi's M.D. Shortage

In rural Mississippi, the number of doctors per person is among the lowest in the country. Now, a new scholarship program is trying to attract medical students to begin their practice there. The success — or failure — of the program depends largely on the recruiter's ability to pick the right students.

Wounded Warriors Face New Enemy: Overmedication

The Pentagon set up special battalions to help returning troops recover from their battlefield wounds. But some of those soldiers have been given excessive amounts of prescription drugs, which are causing additional problems.

Colorado Extends Medicaid To Some Adults Without Kids

The state is one of just a few that is expanding Medicaid ahead of a major expansion called for in 2014 by the federal health law. Though the state estimates that 50,000 people meet the income bar, Colorado will only be able to offer coverage to 10,000 people.

Health Insurers Set To Pay $1.3 Billion In Rebates

Health insurers that haven't spent the required share of premiums on health care will be sending rebate checks to employers and consumers. All told, an estimated $1.3 billion is expected to be returned to customers this summer.
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Going Inside The World Of 'Crossfit'

We go inside the District's latest exercise craze to see whether it's just another fad, or the holy grail of fitness.


Evidence Mounts That Diet, Exercise Help Survivors Cut Cancer Risk

The American Cancer Society says there's strong evidence that an active lifestyle and a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help cancer survivors live longer and stay cancer-free. But the latest guidelines take a dim view of nutritional supplements, which experts say can be harmful.