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Hospitals Fight To Stop Superbugs' Spread

The so-called "NIH superbug", a Klebsiella pneumoniae that resists most antibiotics, recently killed a seventh patient at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center in Maryland. Similar outbreaks of heath care-associated infections spread in hospitals across the country every day.

Botswana Doctors Stop Cervical Cancer With A Vinegar Swab

Women with HIV have a high risk of getting cervical cancer, but the traditional screening method for the disease — a pap smear — isn't available in many poor countries. Now doctors have developed a cheap, simple alternative way to detect cervical cancer, and it's saving lives in Africa and Asia.

Fruit And Veggies Linked To Lower Obesity Rates In New State Fat Rankings

The nation's heaviest states of 2011 are Mississippi, Louisiana, and W. Virginia. But in the thinnest states, more people report eating five fruit and veggie servings a day and report getting more exercise.

Nursing Homes' Arbitration Agreements Can Contain Hidden Risks

Consumer advocates say people who sign the agreements pay higher fees and may get smaller awards than they would if the case were to go to court.

It's No Yolk: Mexicans Cope With Egg Shortage, Price Spikes

The new crisis in Mexico isn't the drug war or a plunge in the peso. It's eggs. An avian flu epidemic has led to fewer, more expensive eggs — serious business in a country that eats more eggs, per capita, than any other nation in the world.

As Genetic Sequencing Spreads, Excitement, Worries Grow

The cost of deciphering a person's genetic code has dropped faster than the price of flat-screen TVs. But some experts are concerned that access to genomic information could stoke fears and invade privacy.