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Magnets May Pull Kids With Sunken Chests Out Of Operating Room

About 1 in 500 people has a concave chest wall, a condition known as pectus excavatum, or sunken chest. A new experimental procedure could provide an alternative to painful and invasive surgeries for children.

Cheer Up: It's Just Your Child Behind The Wheel

Sure, teaching your kids to drive can be nerve-wracking. But new research shows that positive reinforcement goes a long way toward instilling safe driving practices.

New Funds Could Shorten Waiting Lists For AIDS Drugs

Some states, like Georgia, have a waiting list for people who need help paying for AIDS drugs. With increased federal funding on its way for HIV/AIDS treatment, states are hoping that they can care for more people. But the cost of care remains high, so the waits may remain, too.
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Mental Health Services Under The Affordable Care Act

The deadly Colorado shooting underscores the need to better identify, diagnose and treat people with mental illness. Diane and guests will discuss the future of mental health services under the Affordable Care Act.


A Walk Through The AIDS Conference's Global Village

The International AIDS Conference isn't only about medical research. People from around the world met at its Global Village to share their experiences with the AIDS epidemic through music, art and dance. This year's highlights included a condom campaign and lube tasting booth.