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Knee Replacements Are All The Rage With The Medicare Set

There are a lot more older people with worn-out knees, and the rate at which those people get knees replaced has gone way up in the last 20 years, too.

How Food And Clothing Size Labels Affect What We Eat And What We Wear

How do we pick what to eat and what to wear? It's not comfort or hunger — it's all in the label. Food and clothing labeled small appeal to most of us, even when the labels lie, a marketing professor says.

Mini-Counseling Sessions Can Curb Problem Drinking

Patients who had multiple counseling sessions lasting 10 to 15 minutes were 12 percent more likely to quit binge drinking a year later, says a federal task force. Those benefits are enough to justify primary care doctors screening all adult patients for signs of problem drinking and providing counseling, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force says.

Branding Health Care Exchanges To Make The Sale

In the process of creating its health insurance exchange, California wants to rename the marketplace. But it's tough to find a name that appeals to all Californians and explains the marketplace at the same time.

Korean Eunuchs Lived Long And Prospered

Korean researchers have found that eunuchs who worked for kings in ancient royal courts lived longer, on average, than other males who were in the inner circle. The provocative findings fit with other work that has shown an inverse link between longevity and reproduction: the greater the fertility, the shorter the life span.

Siblings With Special Needs Change Childhood

We often hear about children with intellectual disabilities who face challenges as they grow into adulthood. Less often, we hear about their siblings. They often experience a unique set of emotions, responsibilities and opportunities when it comes to their siblings with special needs.