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Deadly Hospital Infection On The Rise

While most infections acquired by patients in the hospital or nursing home are going down, one deadly infection is not. It's called "C. difficile" and it claims more than 14,000 lives each year.

Upset Men And The Happy Women Who Love Them

Women get satisfaction out of conflict in relationships, while men like it better when their mate seems happy. But both sexes benefit from empathizing with the other's feelings, be they good or bad.

How Birth Control Saves Taxpayers Money

By far the biggest return on investment would come from expanding access to family planning through Medicaid, a Brookings Institution analysis finds.

Before Leaving The Hospital, Consult Your Checklist

Hospitalized patients are going home sooner and sicker than ever before. And without clear and comprehensive instructions about what to do after a hospital stay, they may wind up back in the hospital, or worse. That's where a checklist can help.

Concussion Symptoms Can Linger In Kids

Children with concussions — especially ones that led to unconsciousness or visible changes on MRI scans — were more likely than others to have lingering headaches, tiredness and trouble thinking.