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TB That Resists All Drugs Is Found In India

A dozen cases of totally drug-resistant tuberculosis have been diagnosed in Mumbai. Infectious disease specialists say there will be more cases in India and other countries where TB that doesn't respond to some drugs is being treated inappropriately.
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Reusable Grocery Bags Can Be Health Threat

The 5-cent bag tax is less than a month old in Montgomery County, and while residents embrace the reusable alternative, a report warns that those bags have issues of their own to keep in mind.


How To Eat Out Without Putting On The Pounds

A mindful eating program helped women eat less and lose weight while dining out at restaurants, a study found. The secret? A researcher says eating slowly and savoring each bite is key.
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GWU Professor's Laser Technology Recognized

A laser used to analyze biological samples, the work of a George Washington University professor, was recognized by The Scientist magazine as one of the top 10 innovations of 2011.


Study: A Joint May Be Easier On Lungs Than A Cigarette

Cigarettes are bad for lungs, but marijuana smoke so much at least for moderate pot smokers. That's the word from researchers to tracked the lung function of cigarette and marijuana smokers for 20 years. But the lungs of heavy pot smokers didn't fare so well.

How To Get Kids To Eat Apples? Make Them Taste Like Grape Candy

A Washington apple grower wants kids to eat apples, especially his grape-flavored apples. But why take a perfectly good fruit, with its very own complex flavor and aroma, and douse it with something associated with Dimetapp and lollypops?

To Understand Health Overhaul, Try A Comic Book

An MIT economist who helped shape the federal law overhauling health care has come up with a comic book to explain how it's supposed to work.

Binge Drinking: Risky And Widespread

About 1 in 6 Americans, or 38 million people, went on at least one drinking binge last year, according to the latest figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.