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BPA To Be Banned In Calif. Baby Bottles, Sippy Cups

The California law will prohibit the sale of baby bottles and food intended for kids 3 and younger if they contain anything but the smallest traces of bisphenol A. The chemical has come under fire as potentially risky to health.

Still Waiting For That Healthy Oats And Barley Revival

Even though the FDA started allowing makers of foods containing barley and oats to advertise how good they are for the heart a few years back, demand for the crops is still relatively low. We seem to like our meat and potatoes better.

Potato Lobby Turns Up The Heat In School Lunch Battle

USDA's proposed limits on starchy vegetables like the potato in school lunch have spurred the potato lobby, school food service directors, and members of Congress into action. Sen. Susan Collins of Maine is stressing the spud's potassium and dietary fiber.

Women Exposed To Hormone In Utero Face Lifelong Health Problems

Between the 1940s and 1960s, millions of pregnant women were prescribed a hormone known as DES. Decades later, their daughters face increased risks of a dozen DES-related disorders, including a very high incidence of infertility, miscarriages, stillbirths and other reproductive problems.
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Legionnaires Disease Confirmed at Ocean City Hotel

Three cases of Legionnaires disease have shut down an Ocean City, Md. hotel weeks earlier than they had planned.


Penalties For 'Worst' Hospitals Could Hurt Minorities

As Medicare moves to link hospital payments to the costs and quality of care, hospitals that serve large minority populations could get hurt. That's one implication of an analysis that looks at the cost and quality of care given at individual hospitals across the nation.

Undercover School Lunch Blogger 'Mrs. Q' Reveals Herself

It all started when Wu forgot to pack her lunch one day. What she says she saw? "It was barely recognizable as food." Like for example, she found that many chicken nuggets were just 50 percent chicken.