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Consumers Stuck With Murky Sunscreen Labels Another Summer

Consumers who were expecting the Food and Drug Administration's new requirements for sunscreen labels to be implemented this month will have to wait. The agency has given sunscreen manufacturers until December to catch up to the mandate for clearer information on labels.
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Thousands Hit D.C. Streets For Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

Thousands of people participated in the District's Purple Stride on Saturday.


Calif. Runs With Health Law Without Waiting On Supreme Court

The country's most populous state is already implementing the law, and it hasn't slowed down in recent weeks as the rest of the country waits to hear from the Supreme Court. Officials say the state isn't doing any contingency planning in the case the law is overturned.

As More Americans Live Through Cancer, Survivors' Ranks Grow

The number of American cancer survivors will increase from 13.7 million in January 2012 to nearly 18 million in January 2022, according to a report from the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute.

African Land Fertile Ground For Crops And Investors

Some accuse companies buying up land in Africa of dispossessing native farmers and using up scarce resources. But the Rei do Agro farm tries to be a good neighbor in Mozambique while banking on soybean profits.

Salmonella in Dog Food Is Making Humans Sick

The latest recall of dry dog food has made at least 22 people sick, and should make you think twice about sharing everything with Rover. Washing your hands after handling and feeding pets can help stop the spread of Salmonella.

Know The Enemy: Scientists Use Genetics To Get Ahead Of Malaria

An international team of researchers based in the U.K. say they've taken a big step forward in tracking the malaria parasite's evolution and predicting hotspots of potential resistance.