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Administration Drops Long-Term Care Provision Of Overhaul

The administration has pulled the plug on the CLASS Act, a part of health overhaul that is supposed to provide a modest cash benefit to the elderly for the purchase of long-term care services at home. The actuaries couldn't get the finances to work.

What Twitter Knows About Flu

Attitudes toward vaccination, as expressed on Twitter, help researchers track whether or not people are getting their flu shots.

More Reasons To Eat Your Fruits And Veggies

In a new study, researchers from McMaster University found that in people with a certain gene that elevates heart attack risk, a diet high in fruits and vegetables can help lower the risk. Dr. Sonia Anand explains the study, and what still needs to be learned about the gene.

Early Deadline For Medicare Enrollment This Year

The annual enrollment period for privately run Medicare Advantage plans and prescription drug benefits starts Saturday, rather than in mid-November as in past years. The deadline for enrollment has also been pushed up — to Dec. 7 from Dec. 31.

Private Medicare Plans Use Stars To Navigate For Profits

Consumers aren't the only ones paying attention to the quality ratings of private Medicare coverage. Health plans stand to make big bucks by scoring higher in Medicare's rating system.