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How Birth Control And Abortion Became Politicized

Historian Jill Lepore writes about the early history of the birth control and abortion movements in this week's New Yorker. "I think it's easy to lose perspective [that] actually the arguments made by one side or another have switched sides over time more than once," she says.

Giving Mini Burgers To Mice Reveals The Good And Bad Of Cooking Meat

Cooked meat delivers more energy than raw meat, which may have given our human ancestors a big evolutionary advantage. It may also explain why today's humans have a hard time keeping off the pounds, according to researchers at Harvard University.

Wal-Mart Plans Ambitious Expansion Into Medical Care

The nation's biggest retailer is planning to offer a wide range of medical care in U.S. stores. A Wal-Mart document seeking partners for the effort says the company aims to become the "largest provider of primary healthcare services in the nation."

Volokh Discusses Cigarette Warning Messages

Robert Siegel talks to Eugene Volokh, an expert on compelled speech at the UCLA School of Law, about the status of graphic warning symbols and messages on packs of cigarettes.

Conservative Appeals Court Judge Writes Opinion Upholding Health Law

The 2-1 ruling by the federal appeals court in Washington, D.C., affirms the health insurance mandate at the core of law. The majority found the mandate to be consistent with Congress' constitutional authority to regulate interstate commerce.