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Circumcision May Lower Risk For Prostate Cancer

Researchers found a 15 percent lower risk of prostate cancer among circumcised men than those who hadn't been circumcised. But the study doesn't prove that circumcision would work, though there're some reason to think it might.
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Maryland Considers Smoking Ban In Kid-Laden Cars

Maryland lawmakers will take another look Monday at a bill that would ban smoking in cars with children less than 8 years old in the vehicle.


Tools For Black, Latino Women To Manage Health

Hispanic and black women suffer disproportionately from conditions like HIV, diabetes, and obesity. Now some advocates are encouraging women of color to find support for healthy lifestyles. Host Michel Martin takes a look at two guides for women of color to take charge of their health.

Gain Together, Lose Together: The Weight Loss 'Halo' Effect

Researchers are finding that the friends and family of obese and overweight individuals who lose weight lose weight themselves, and sometimes a lot of it.

To Cut The Risk Of A High-Fat Meal, Add Spice

Researchers have found that a meal loaded with spices like turmeric and cinnamon helps cut fat levels in the blood — even when the meal is rich in oily sauces and high in fat.
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Moran Pushes To Streamline Care For Terminally Ill Kids

Rep. Jim Moran is pushing for legislation that would make it easier to provide treatment for seriously ill children.


Is It Safe To Eat 'Pink Slime'?

Thousands of people are adding their name to petitions urging the government stop buying beef trimmings. But food safety officials say the trimmings are still safe to eat.