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Facebook May Not Be So Friendly For Those With Low Self-Esteem

They complain a bit more than everyone else, and they often share their negative views and feelings when face to face with friends and acquaintances. Researchers wondered whether those behavior patterns would hold true online.

Bird Flu Studies Getting Another Round Of Scrutiny By Panel

An expert committee that advises the government is once again going to review some controversial studies on bird flu to see if they can be published openly. Last year, those experts said no, because of concerns that the work could be misused and was too dangerous, but the government asked it to reconsider after a World Health Organization panel came to the opposite conclusion.

Cheney Operation Underscores Heart Transplant Issues

The former vice president is recovering from a heart transplant he received over the weekend. Experts say it's unusual for a 71-year-old to get a transplant, but more and more older people are getting them as the procedures improve and the population ages.

Supreme Court Word Search: Health Care

When the U.S. Supreme Court hears challenges to the Obama administration's health care law, the arguments will center on states' rights, mandatory insurance, and Medicaid. To introduce those concepts — and to occupy your time while the Supreme Court deliberates — we offer a word search.

Obama's Health Care Law: Past, Present And Future

Tomorrow morning the Supreme Court begins a three-may marathon of oral arguments challenging President Obama's landmark health care law, the Affordable Care Act. Weekends on All Things Considered guest host Laura Sullivan previews the arguments with NPR legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg. She also speaks to Mark Gross, owner of a professional line standing service, who is poised to have a lucrative week, and Jeff Rother of the National Coalition on Health Care walks us back through health reform's tempestuous path to the Supreme Court.

Health Care Law Puts Free Clinics At A Crossroads

The law's expansion of coverage puts free clinics in uncharted territory. Their dilemma: Should they stay outside the mainstream of the health system, remaining mostly dependent on donations and grants? Or should they start to accept Medicaid and other insurance?