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CDC Recommends Hepatitis C Testing For All Boomers

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made a sweeping testing recommendation official amid growing concern about the estimated 2 million baby boomers infected with the virus, which can cause cirrhosis and liver cancer.
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Second West Nile Case Reported In Maryland

A 70-year-old man in Maryland has been diagnosed with the second West Nile Case in the D.C. area.


Fact-Checking The Future Of Aging In America

Overall, baby boomers are optimistic about their health and future, according to a 2012 survey by The National Council on Aging, United Health Care and USA Today. But many are unsure about how to pay for long-term care, medical bills and other health costs.

Grappling With The Uncertainty Of Alzheimer's Testing

Would you get tested for your potential risk for Alzheimer's disease, even though the prediction is imperfect and there is no cure for the condition? Studies suggest people can handle the results just find.

Should Lack Of Exercise Be Considered A Medical Condition?

To help fight rising rates of inactivity, a physiologist argues that doctors should write prescriptions for exercise for inactive patients.
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Facial Transplants Coming To Hopkins

Johns Hopkins Hospital says it will begin performing facial transplants.


Texas Takes Action To Curb West Nile Virus Outbreak

West Nile virus has hit Dallas County, Texas, hard this year. Officials there have declared a state of emergency against the mosquito-borne illness. For the first time in decades, they plan to begin aerial spraying to control the mosquito population.

GOP VP Nominee Drives Medicare Campaign Issue

When Republican Mitt Romney tapped House budget chairman Paul Ryan to be his vice presidential running mate, the decision forced both campaigns to focus on Medicare. The Ryan pick was a 180 degree turn from Romneys' original premise which was to focus exclusively on President Obama and the economy.