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Haiti Grapples With Highest Cholera Rate In World

Just one year after the cholera epidemic emerged in Haiti, nearly half a million Haitians have contracted the disease and more than 6,000 have died form it. Michel Martin explores what cholera is, and how Haiti's government is making new efforts to tackle the crisis. She speaks with Miami Herald Caribbean Correspondent Jacqueline Charles and Dr. Louise Ivers, who lives in Haiti and works for Partners in Health.

Medicare Enrollment Comes Earlier This Year

The annual "open enrollment" period for joining or changing prescription drug or private health plans is already under way. But the new dates are only one of several changes Medicare enrollees need to be aware of this year.

Big-Name Drugs Are Falling Off The 'Patent Cliff'

Dozens of popular high-end pharmaceuticals — from Lipitor to Nexium to Plavix — are going off-patent in the coming months and years. That will lead to a big drop in drug costs. But analysts say that could be offset by a price increase in other areas.
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Runners Go Three-Days Strong For Cancer

Participants in the National Race to End Women's Cancer are running in a three-day relay marathon to raise awareness on cancers unique to women.


Will Smartphones And iPads Mush My Toddler's Brain?

Research suggests that toddlers under 2 don't learn from television — and in fact, TV viewing, even in the background, could harm their development. But what about content on mobile screens? The answer may depend on how you're using them.

Pill Or Candy? Can You Guess Which Of These Is Medicine?

If you didn't get the right answer, don't feel bad. A precocious Ohio girl who asked teachers and kindergartners to look at 20 matched pairs of medicines and candies found they were wrong around 30 percent of the time.