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Medicare Can't Rescue Congress On Fix For Doctors' Pay

With official Washington trapped in partisan gridlock, doctors who treat Medicare patients are once again facing the prospect of a big cut in pay that almost no one supports.

Journal Retracts Key Study Linking Virus To Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The journal Science has withdrawn a study from 2009 that suggested an obscure virus causes chronic fatigue syndrome. The findings raised patients' hopes for effective treatments. But scientists who raced to confirm the viral link failed to do so.
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Healthy Eating And The Roots Of Childhood Obesity (Originally Broadcast 4/29/2011)

The D.C. Public Schools are revamping their menus to bring more fruit and vegetables onto the cafeteria trays of city students.
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Maryland Landlord Gives Voice To Abortion Rights Supporters

Feeling harassed by the aggressive tactics of anti-abortion activists, the landlord of a Maryland abortion clinic fought back by starting an organization of his own.


Ditch This Massager, If It Shows Up Under The Christmas Tree

Clothing, hair and jewelry can get tangled up in the ShoulderFlex massager's rotating parts. And that's a recipe for trouble, the Food and Drug Administration says.

Lack Of Autopsies After Elderly Die Conceals Health Flaws

Many jurisdictions have stopped doing autopsies on people who died over the age of 60, unless it was obvious that a violent death occurred. A lack of resources, both financial and staffing, is often blamed.