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Generic Drugs Make Dent In Global AIDS Pandemic

Making generic drugs available through a U.S. AIDS relief fund has opened access to HIV treatment for millions of people around the world, a study finds.
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The Latest Research On Alzheimer's Disease

New research on a rare gene mutation could offer clues about Alzheimer's disease. Another study could lead to early treatment. The latest on a disease expected to affect 10 million Americans by 2050.


Will Affordable Care Act Gain Popularity As It Ages?

Melissa Block speaks with political scientist Lawrence Jacobs of the University of Minnesota about the history of public opinion toward the extension of government social programs including Social Security and Medicare.

WHO Says Virus Caused Illnesses In Cambodia

The World Health Organization says an investigation found that the fast majority of illnesses and deaths were the result of a severe form of hand, foot and mouth disease. Why it was fatal to so many children isn't clear.

State Legislatures Stay Busy On Abortion Laws

There were 39 laws restricting abortion enacted in the first half of 2012. While that's less than half the 80 put in place during the first half of last year, the number of laws already on the books for 2012 is higher than any other year before 2011.

Studies Tie Human Bladder Infections To Antibiotics In Chicken

A new investigative report connects human drug-resistant infections and overuse of antibiotics in animals raised for food. But not everyone agrees the problem of antibiotic resistance is so clear cut.