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Military Retirees' Insurance Premiums Going Up

The Defense Department announced this week the premium for retirees with a family plan will be $520 a year, up from $460. Active military members do not pay for health care. The military health program, TRICARE, has been around for decades and may face scrutiny as lawmakers work to cut spending.

Worries About Autism Link Still Hang Over Vaccines

An NPR-Thomson Reuters Health Poll finds 21 percent of Americans believe autism is linked to vaccines. Most people believe vaccines work. Among those with concerns about vaccines, uncertainty about long-term health effects is the biggest fear.

Pynoos Discusses Senior Housing

Jon Pynoos, a professor of gerontology policy and planning at University of Southern California, talks to Michele Norris about the state of senior housing.

More Realize They Face Pricey Long-Term Care

A new poll by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health finds that more people than ever are becoming aware of the likelihood that they will need potentially expensive long-term care health services as they age. But they still don't understand how that care gets paid for.

Global Ambitions For A Bulgarian Pill To Help Smokers Quit

A pill long sold by a Bulgarian drugmaker in Eastern Europe is getting a fresh look as an inexpensive way to help smokers in low-income countries quit. In Poland, the medicine costs about $15 for a course of treatment.

The Trouble With Health Problems Near Gas Fracking

Many people who live close to gas drilling sites complain of serious illnesses. But there are few concrete data to help explain why they're getting sick. Investigative reporter Abrahm Lustgarten says weak industry regulations also make it hard to establish a clear connection between gas drilling and health effects.

Early Supreme Court Review Of Health Care Law Could Impact 2012 Race

The Affordable Care Act always promised to be a hot button issue in the 2012 presidential campaign. But it promises to loom even larger, now that the Obama administration has asked the Supreme Court to take the case, making very likely a high-court decision in June just months before the general election.