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A Daughter With Down Syndrome Is The Perfect Sister

When Kelle Hampton's second daughter was born with Down syndrome, she grieved for the sisterly bond she thought would be robbed from her older daughter. But she quickly discovered that the girls' love for each other was strong.

These Health Law Bets Are No Figure Of Speech

Will the administration's health law survive the Supreme Court? A majority of bettors think not. Over at Intrade, a "prediction market" for current events, the betting gave chances of about 58 percent that the court will disallow the mandate.

When Religious Rules And Women's Health Collide

A survey of more than 1,000 OB-GYNs who work in religious hospitals finds that more than one-third report they've had a conflict regarding religious-based policy for patient care. At Catholic hospitals, the figure was 52 percent.

Why Your Drug Copay Could Change

Insurers and employers are looking to stem the rising costs of expensive specialty drugs. One approach is to vary the copayment depending on the health value they calculate the drugs provide.

Recipe For Safer Drinking Water? Add Sun, Salt And Lime

Adding dirt and salt can help make drinking water cleaner, and is far cheaper than fancy filtration systems for getting rid of harmful bacteria, scientists say. It just takes a little patience and the sun.