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Wiping Out Polio: How The U.S. Snuffed Out A Killer

During the early 20th century, polio killed thousands of American children each summer and paralyzed many more. Now, as the world fights to eradicate the virus globally, we look back at the development of the polio vaccine and its successful deployment around the world.

Girls Vaccinated For HPV Not More Likely To Be Sexually Active

Researchers found that 11- and 12-year-old girls who had the vaccine were no more likely to have had sexual health issues than ones who didn't. Still, parents' concerns about daughters and sexual activity remain a barrier to widespread adoption of the HPV vaccine, along with concerns about vaccine safety.

Daughter's Death Pushes Mom To Fight Dating Abuse

Sharon Love's daughter Yeardley was a college student and an athlete when she was beaten to death by her ex-boyfriend in 2010. Since then, Love has started a foundation to speak out and raise awareness about dating violence. She speaks with host Michel Martin about her work and how she's coping with the loss of her daughter.

Brain Scientists Uncover New Links Between Stress And Depression

Scientists say new insights about how stress affects the brain could lead to new treatments for post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression.

A Nose Tuned In To Bitter May Help Stave Off Sinus Infection

When bitter taste receptors found in the noses of supertasters were exposed to a bacterial chemical, they started fighting it off, while the receptors of others with normal taste perceptions did not detect the chemical's presence.

Head Injuries Rattle Even Devout Football Parents

Parents of young players are increasingly anxious about concussions. Many continue to participate — albeit more cautiously. Others worry about whether the youth leagues will eventually halt altogether. In Texas, the risk of injury is putting families at odds with a sport many consider a religion.

Doctors Strike Mutating Bacteria In Teen Acne Battle

As acne bacteria develop resistance to antibiotic treatments, doctors turn to zit-fighting viruses.