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A Tweak To Health Law Would Eliminate Medicaid For Some

Medicaid, the health program funded jointly by the feds and the states, was devised to cover the poor. But if a provision in last year's federal health law isn't changed, even people with pretty healthy incomes could qualify for Medicaid.
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Salmonella Outbreak Prompts Pine Nut Recall

pine nuts

The CDC recorded 42 instances of salmonella infections across six states, prompting a recall of Turkish pine nuts sold in Wegmans stores.


Spreading Wealth After Tough Lessons From Cancer

The new documentary The Education of Dee Dee Ricks premieres on HBO Thursday. It charts the story of a self-admitted vain white businesswoman who questions her lavish life after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She realizes how lucky she is to be able to afford treatment. This galvanizes Ricks to advocate and raise money for poor, uninsured cancer patients — many who happen to be women of color. Michel Martin speaks with Dee Dee Ricks about her personal transformation and outreach.

High-Tech Shoes Aim To Stop Wandering Alzheimer's Patients

GPS can help you navigate a new city, train for a marathon, or keep tabs on your kids. Now, some nifty footwear aims to bring peace of mind to the families of Alzheimers' patients.

Advice To Guideline-Writers: Keep Patients Involved in PSA Decision

Confused about the fuss over PSA screening for prostate cancer? A commentary in the New England Journal of medicine says there's a middle ground between business-as-usual and throwing PSA tests out altogether.

Customer Outrage Forces Necco To Put Artificial Ingredients Back Into Wafers

The candy company that makes Necco wafers thought its customer base would approve of a switch to natural flavors and colors. But it was wrong. Now the company is going back to its original recipe.