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Children Getting CT Scans At Higher Risk For Cancer

A new study suggests that there's a slight increase in the risk of brain cancer and leukemia associated with CT scans for children. Experts say, in most cases, the risk doesn't not outweigh the benefit of the CT scan, but call on doctors to be more selective in ordering them. Audie Cornish talks to NPR's Rob Stein about the study.

Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis A 'Serious Epidemic' In China

More than 10 percent of the new cases of tuberculosis diagnosed in China each year are resistant to the mainstay drugs used to treat the illness. The sobering findings come from the first national survey of the disease conducted there.

Many Food Workers Keep Working While Sick, Survey Finds

A coalition of food labor groups says that more than half of food workers continue working even when they're sick because they can't afford to take a day off. That's due to a lack of paid sick days throughout the food chain for people who pick, process, sell, cook and serve food.

To Count As A Young Scientist, Anything Less Than 52 Will Do

The Foundation for the National Institutes of Health, a charity that helps raise money to support the NIH, today announced a $100,000 prize to encourage young scientists. A big check awaits an outstanding young researcher, who happens to be as old as 52.

Commenters Bite Back On The Paleo Diet

A weekend post on the paleo diet elicited hundreds of comments on our site. We've weeded through the discussion threads and chosen some of the most insightful observations. Feel free to comment.