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Stomach Bug Has A Field Day At NBA

A study of basketball players who caught the contagious norovirus in the locker room provides a play-by-play of how it spread. The bug is the second-most common reason players miss a game.

Losing Weight: A Battle Against Fat And Biology

Most people who lose weight end up gaining it back — and it's not just a matter of willpower. In fact, once we begin to shed those first few pounds, says one expert, "the biology really kicks in and tries to resist the weight loss."

Aspirin, Colon Cancer And You

A study in The Lancet finds that people with Lynch syndrome, a hereditary predisposition to cancer of the digestive tract, who took aspirin twice a day for a up to 4 years were about 60 percent less likely to develop colorectal cancer those who got a placebo. But

Corporations Offer Help In Trimming The Waist

Companies are trying to bring down their spiraling health care costs by helping employees lose weight. At Dow Chemical, managers hope to set an example by hitting the corporate gym at midday, and the company offers weight-management classes on demand, at workers' convenience.

Medical Schools Say Magazine's Ratings Get An Incomplete

U.S. News & World Report's ratings count when it comes to marketing to prospective medical students and fundraising, med school deans acknowledge. But they take the rankings less seriously as a scientific gauge of what actually goes on at their schools.