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Va. Lawsuit Challenging Healthcare Law Tossed Out


The 4th U.S. Circuit District Court tossed out a lawsuit filed in Virginia that contested the constitutionality of federal healthcare legislation Thursday.

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Dental Health Survey Paints Bleak Picture For Low-Income Northern Va. Residents

A new survey reveals 16 percent of low-income Northern Virginia residents have not gone to a dentist in more than five years, compared with 3 percent of those with higher incomes.


Weight-Loss Program Beats Doctor's Advice To Shed Pounds

People who joined Weight Watchers lost twice as much weight in a year as people who were advised by their doctors, a new study finds. Paying for diet and exercise programs for baby boomers at risk of diabetes could save Medicare billions of dollars in health care costs, another study reports.

Maine Senator Postpones Potato Nutrition Battle, For Now

All year, a fight has been raging over the potato's proper role in school lunch and breakfast programs. Potato industry lobbyists and senators from potato-growing states are fighting efforts to limit spuds' appearances in the lunch line.

Med Schools Fall Short On LGBT Education

In a survey of medical school deans, researchers found that most schools aren't devoting much time to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender health issues. This issue mirrors the medical community's weak understanding about the specific health risks LGBT people face.

Despite Deficit, Enzi Supports Federal Spending On Autism

At a Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee meeting, Sen. Enzi (R-WY) is expected to vote for nearly $700 million in funding for autism research and treatment.