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Taking The Sting Out Of Jellyfish Isn't Easy

Your best bets? Carefully remove the tentacles and their stinging cells stuck in your skin. Then wash with hot water, or use saltwater if you're away from a bathroom or shower.
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State Health Care Systems: Bracing For A Supreme Court Decision

As Maryland and Virginia await a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act--also known as Obamacare--they have taken different approaches to a looming 2014 deadline.


Identifying The Real Culprit Behind Killer Vascular Diseases

Reporting in the journal Nature Communications,researchers write that they were able to track down the cells causing clogged arteries. Dr. Jill Helms, co-author on the study, discusses why stem cells are to blame and how the study could lead to more effective treatments.

Tips For A Healthy Summer With Your Kids

Earlier this week, we led a chat on Twitter with Dr. Robert Block, a pediatrician who is president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, about some tips for a healthier summer. He tackled questions ranging from how to pick a sunscreen to how to get kids to eat better.

Our Obama Family Dinner Survey Shows Brown Rice Is Still A Tough Sell

Say the words "brown rice," and people of a certain age might conjure images of hippie communes. But the whole-grain product has been slowly gaining in popularity over the last decade. Here are some tips to bring it into the everyday dinner repertoire.

New Fetal Genetics Test: Less Risk, More Controversy

Scientists have deciphered the entire genetic code of a fetus, taking a sample from the mother's blood. While less risky than current alternatives, it also leaps into the abortion debate, with parents eventually having the option to test for all kinds of traits.

Are Fetal DNA Tests A Key To Pandora's Box?

Audie Cornish talks with Rob Stein about new blood tests that can identify genetic abnormalities in a fetus. The tests raise controversial ethical issues.