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Contraception, Pell Grants 'In Context' After Debate

We're taking a closer look at two issues that came up during Tuesday's presidential debate — contraceptive coverage and funding for higher education. Robert Siegel talks with Julie Rovner and Claudio Sanchez to put the candidates' comments in context.

How The Taliban Is Thwarting The War On Polio

Polio is deadly, but so is what's required to stamp it out once and for all in Pakistan: facing down Islamist extremists. The virus thrives in Pakistan's lawless — and largely inaccessible — tribal regions. To stop polio's spread, health workers must be courageous, clever and relentless.

Test Your Food IQ: Do We Need More Farms To Grow Fruits And Veggies For All?

We may be able to grow enough fruits and vegetables on land we already have if we're smart about how we do it, says World Wildlife Foundation expert Jason Clay. Take the James Beard Foundation's food quiz to see just how literate you are on this and other agriculture matters.

Loss Of Balance Is Leading Cause Of Elderly Falls

Researchers say falls often happen when the elderly are not using a walker or wheelchair. Though 75 percent of patients in a recent study used one to get around, only 20 percent were using one when they fell.

Take Shots With You, Please

NPR's health blog, Shots, has a new look and feel to make it easier for you to navigate, particularly on smartphones and tablets. You'll notice bigger photos and graphics in stories, and a lot less clutter. On the landing page, you'll be able to see more stories at a glance.