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GWU Grad Student Dies From Meningitis

A George Washington University graduate student has died after contracting meningitis.

States Would Get More Flexibility On 'Essential Benefits' Under Proposal

The Obama administration's plan would let states match benefits with existing plans. That idea is drawing criticism from both sides of the health care debate.

Treating Stress, Speech Disorders With Music

More and more hospitals and clinics now offer music therapy as a supplementary treatment for everything from anxiety to Alzheimer's, but its efficacy varies for different conditions. Neurologist Oliver Sacks and several music therapists discuss the science and practice of music therapy.

An Early Exit For Early Retiree Insurance Program

A federal fund that has given employers a financial incentive to keep providing health insurance coverage for early retirees is winding down at year's end. Did it work?

Exercise Info, Not Calorie Counts, Helps Teens Drop Sodas

Teenagers were less likely to buy a sugary soft drink if they knew it would take 50 minutes of jogging to burn off the calories. Researchers in Baltimore slapped signs on the drink coolers in corner markets to see what information would encourage healthier drink choices.

Say 'Aah' And Get Your Diabetes Test

Millions of Americans who don't go to a primary care doctor often see a dentist regularly. If dentists added some simple health screening tests to their checkups of your teeth, it could help catch problems sooner.