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Activists Fear Brazil's Triumph Over HIV Has Fizzled

When other countries were struggling to deal with the HIV epidemic, Brazil openly acknowledged the problem and launched aggressive campaigns to raise awareness and treat the disease. But activists now say say there are no longer organized HIV prevention efforts.

How You Move Your Arm Says Something About Who You Are

A part of the brain called the premotor cortex does some pretty complicated work. It's where the brain plans and strategizes about how to take action, and it may also reflect a person's personality.

Alzheimer's Drug May Slow Disease's Progression

This week an international Alzheimer's conference is taking place in Vancouver, with researchers presenting findings on ways to detect the disease and slow its progression. Audie Cornish speaks with Bloomberg News science reporter Elizabeth Lopatto about some of the studies presented.

South African Doctors Uneasy About HIV Prevention Pill

Each year hundreds of thousands South Africans become infected with HIV, so it might seem that a drug to slow transmission would be welcome. But there's concern about unintended consequences if Truvada is used widely for prevention.
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Report Shows Progress In D.C.'s Fight Against HIV

DC Appleseed has issued their seventh annual HIV/AIDS report card for the District, and the group reports progress in a number of key areas.


How HIV Treatment Can Curb The Spread Of AIDS

Clinicians on the front lines say HIV treatment could help end the AIDS pandemic by curbing infections. Studies have found that HIV drugs make a person less likely to transmit the virus to others because they decrease the level of virus in the body.