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Study Lends Support To Long-Term Treatment With Statins

The latest update to a large study started in 1994 should go a long way toward dispelling any lingering worries that statins might increase risks of some illnesses, such as cancer. That was an early concern with the medicines, but one that hasn't been borne out.

Classes Offer Help For Expectant Grandparents

For new or expectant grandparents who may need a refresher about taking care of newborns: You're in luck. Robert Siegel talks to Rosalys Peel of Seattle's Swedish Medical Center about Grandparenting 101.

Remember Vioxx? Merck Settles Marketing Charges From Way Back

More than seven years after taking Vioxx off the market, Merck has agreed to pay $950 million to settle federal charges it went too far in marketing the pain drug. Under the deal, the company also pleaded guilty to illegally selling the drug for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Eating Canned Soup Makes BPA Levels Soar

A couple of hours after eating, participants in a Harvard study who consumed canned soup had BPA levels in their urine that were about 12 times higher than the people who didn't. But the health implications of this sort of exposure to the chemical, which can act like the hormone estrogen, are still murky.

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D.C. Biology Class Campaigns For AIDS Awareness

A D.C. biology class took their study of the evolution of the HIV virus as a prompt to spread awareness about AIDS and its effects throughout the District.


When Weighing Painkillers, Americans Worry: 'Will I Become An Addict?'

Nearly a third of people said they'd questioned or refused a doctor's recommendation of painkillers, according to findings from the latest NPR-Thomson Reuters Health Poll. Fear of addiction and worries about side effects were common concerns.

Promising Drought Relief In Somalia Threatened?

A drought in East Africa pushed millions toward starvation this year. The U.N. says relief efforts are paying off, with some areas of Somalia no longer seeing famine. But relief may be undermined by political instability and threats from the militant group al-Shabab. Guest host Tony Cox checks in with Jeffrey Gettleman of The New York Times.