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Calif. Medicaid Expansion: A Lifeline For Ex-Convicts

At least half a million people are expected to get health care benefits in an expansion of California's Medicaid program, including many former prison inmates. Many ex-offenders will now be covered for care including mental health and substance abuse — problems that, when left untreated, can lead them right back behind bars.

Poll: Americans' Concern About Food Safety Drops

Fewer people in the U.S. are as worried about food safety now as they were a year ago, according to the latest NPR-Thomson Reuters health poll. Those with the lowest incomes reported the most concern about the safety of the food they eat.

Same Plant, New Month: Cargill Ground Turkey Recall, Take 2

A food safety expert says there are a few possible explanations for a new recall of ground turkey involving the same plant and the same strain of drug resistant bacteria that led to a massive recall in August.

SpongeBob May Be Too Speedy For Preschool Brains

Children who watched the fast-paced cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants did less well on tests of attention and memory, according to new research. Children who watched a slower PBS show, and children who colored, did better. Other studies have show long-term effects from fast-paced or violent shows.

Watson, IBM's Quiz Show Champ, Moves Into Health Care

Health insurer WellPoint is signing up IBM's Watson, the mainframe computer outfitted with some nifty software to make human-like decisions in seconds. The computer will sift through medical data and patient information to make recommendations to doctors. IBM says it is Watson's first paying job.