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How To Talk To Your Kids About The Conn. Shootings

Doctors say parents should limit children's exposure to media coverage of disasters, like the mass shooting in Connecticut. Kids, especially older ones, will have questions, and it's fine for parents to answer them. But keep the answers simple and make sure they come with ample reassurance.

Most States Punt Health Exchanges To The Feds

Only 17 states and the District of Columbia have proposed running their own insurance markets. Experts had expected mostly small states to seek federal help, but some of the nation's largest have said they will not run an exchange on their own.
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Mass Shootings And Their Effect On The American Psyche

A massacre at a Connecticut elementary school has left Americans once again asking how we can stop gun violence. Diane and her guests discuss the effects of mass shootings on the American psyche.


A View from the Flip Side

Could you handle a world that looked upside down? Marc Abrahams, editor and co-founder of The Annals of Improbable Research, shares a case study in which the subject was made to wear vision-flipping goggles. Ten days later, the man was riding a bicycle and playing catch in the park--his only impairment the strange headgear itself.

Is It Possible To Create A Mind?

Siri can make an appointment for you. IBM's Watson beat a human contestant on Jeopardy. But will they ever really think? Futurist Ray Kurzweil shares his thoughts on the nature of the brain and describes how biological and technological advances might augment the human mind.
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Mind And Body: Head Injuries And What New Research Means For Football (Rebroadcast)

For our series “Mind and Body”, Diane and her guests discuss the latest science on head injuries and how to best protect players.


Making The Rich Pay More For Medicare

Means testing Medicare is one of the few areas where Democrats have shown a willingness to even consider the subject of spending less on the program. But not everyone supports that idea.

For Man With Amnesia, Love Repeats Itself

Whenever Jeff Ingram suffers from an amnesia attack, his memory is wiped clean and he has to start over. Fearful that one day he may no longer accept her, his wife reminds him of the memories they've shared.