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The Arc Of Greater PW County Looks To Expand

The Arc of Greater Prince William County, a nonprofit providing care for developmentally and physically disabled citizens, says it needs to expand to meet growing community needs.

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Hearing Loss Can't Stop Musicians' Beat

A new book by members of a local non-profit combines two things you might not normally pair up: making music and hearing loss. For these musicians, there were ways to keep the music playing even after losing their hearing.


UnitedHealth Buys Another Calif. Doctor Group

The nation's largest insurer by revenue is buying the operations of a big doctor group practice in Calif. The deal is the latest in a string of similar purchases for UnitedHealth and is part of growing trend among insurers seeking to control medical costs.

Can Potatoes Give Your Health A Boost? A Chemist Thinks So

Potatoes may lower blood pressure if they're cooked right, according to new research. Beneficial compounds in potatoes may survive microwaving better than deep-frying. And avoiding the extra fat may make the weight gain linked to potatoes in other studies less likely.

After In-Patient Care, Troops Face Bureaucracy

As part of NPR's series on the closure of Walter Reed Army Medical Center, we look at what happens to wounded troops once they're done with in-patient care. NPR Pentagon correspondent Tom Bowman talks to Melissa Block about the complicated bureaucracy that must be navigated — and the steps the Army has taken to make things work more smoothly.

Odds Of Drinking A Soda Are A Coin-Flip For Americans

Chance are good that you consumed something sugary (or high fructose corn syrupy) in the last day. On any particular day, half the people in the U.S. drink a soda, fruit or sports drink, or similar calorie-rich beverage.

Latest Frontier In Reducing Childhood Mortality: Neonatal Deaths

In the last two decades, neonatal mortality rates have declined. But in eight countries, including five in Africa, the rates have climbed. Overall, 41 percent of deaths in kids under five now happen during the period soon after birth.

Cellphones Could Help Doctors Stay Ahead Of An Epidemic

Researchers tracked the movements of cellphone users through their SIM cards in Haiti during the cholera epidemic. Their study shows that cellphone data could help doctors and others better provide relief during a disaster or epidemic.

Walter Reed Was The Army's Wake-Up Call In 2007

Long a model for top-notch care for presidents and soldiers alike, Walter Reed Army Medical Center became a byword for bureaucratic bungling in 2007. Army officials are still addressing the failures revealed by an investigation that found wounded soldiers left to fend for themselves.