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The Local Impact Of National HIV/AIDS Strategy

A shift in the federal HIV/AIDS strategy means a dozen large cities, including Washington, D.C., will receive less money this year to help women and children living with the disease. As the government focuses on new epicenters of the disease, we examine the local safety net for people living with HIV/AIDS.


Probiotics Need To Eat, Too

Could prebiotics, the food for the good bacteria known as probiotics, have more benefits than a dose of the microbes, particularly for people with serious health problems like preemies? A researcher working with pigs is trying to figure that out.

When Infections "Spillover"

In his new book Spillover writer David Quammen traces the evolution of Ebola, HIV and other diseases that moved from animals to humans. Quammen describes how scientists look for the reservoirs of the infectious agents, and what might be done to prevent the next pandemic.

Tweet Chat: Chasing Down Polio, Eradication In Sight

Thanks to vigorous efforts to eradicate the poliovirus through vaccination, there are only three countries on the face of the earth where polio is still endemic. NPR reporters and editors hosted a chat on Twitter: #chasingpolio.

Freezing Eggs To Make Babies Later Moves Toward Mainstream

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine has concluded that freezing women's eggs to treat infertility should no longer be considered "experimental." The practice has long been controversial. Some critics worry the policy shift will encourage more women to turn to egg freezing to stop the biological clock.