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Listen Up, Walkers: Watch Out For Traffic When Wearing Headphones

A study of accidents involving pedestrians wearing headphones suggests a real risk from the audio distraction. Fumbling with or listening to music players can divert attention from dangers. The audio can also drown out sounds of trouble.

Does The Queen of Unhealthy Eating Have To Eat Her Words?

Paula Deen became rich and beloved by selling greasy, sugary Southern comfort food. Now she's got Type 2 diabetes. Can the queen of indulgence promote excess while also promoting a healthy lifestyle? Heaven knows, she's trying.

Obesity Epidemic May Have Peaked In U.S.

The obesity epidemic appears to have reached a plateau, according to the latest federal statistics.

Seeing Doctors' Notes Could Help Patients Change Ways

For patients, the effect of seeing their doctors' notes in black and white can be huge. A note labeling a patient as obese, for example, may be much more effective than a physician's advice to lose weight.

Drink Coffee? Off With Your Head!

By now, many New Year's resolvers are finding out how difficult it is to give up caffeine. History brims over with coffee-lovers who couldn't bring themselves to quit the bean — even when they faced decapitation.

GOP Keeps Health Care Overhaul Law In Its Sights

Several steps in the 2010 health care overhaul law have been implement. But what impact will the presidential election and the Supreme Court have on it?