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FDA Chides Pfizer For Omitting Drug Risks On Lipitor Website

The company's website linked to pages about several drugs without mentioning any of the risks they pose in the promotional text, FDA said. Pfizer said it has removed the "cited content" and is working on a response to the agency.

Pastor Bans Fried Chicken, Promotes Health

In Miss., church attendees share meals that include lots of mac and cheese, pork chops and fried food. But Miss. has the highest obesity rate in the U.S. Local Rev. Michael Minor is spreading the gospel of healthy eating, and The National Baptist Convention has asked him to create health and wellness plans to influence other churches. He speaks with host Michel Martin.

What We Eat Shapes Microbe Societies Inside Us

The microbes in the human intestine exert a powerful influence on nutrition and health. Turns out that you can control the bacteria, too. Researchers have found what you eat has a big effect on the microbes inside your gut.

Efforts Founder To Track Long-Term Safety Of Silicone Breast Implants

Manufacturers of silicone breast implants have done such a poor job of tracking patients that it's impossible to know if the devices have long-term health and safety risks, consumer advocates said a meeting of experts advising the Food and Drug Administration.

Military Medicine's Long War Against Malaria

The Walter Reed Army Medical Center is famous for treating both presidents and soldiers. But the institution is also a longtime leader in the fight to develop vaccines, including one against malaria — something many thought wasn't possible. That vaccine is currently in a large-scale human trial in Africa.

Prioritizing Health Or Hair?

U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin recently said many women, particularly those who spend lots of time and money on their hair, tend to skip much-needed exercise to maintain their locks. Some see this as a narrow topic and thus are confused about why she would focus on it. Host Michel Martin gets two perspectives from United Health Group's Dr. Reed Tuckson and The National Center for Public Policy Research's Jeff Stier.