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With Paula Deen, It's Not Really About The Pie

With Paula Deen, it's not really about the butter, the mayonnaise or the fried cheesecake. For fans, it's about that feeling that you're sitting around the kitchen table with a friend.

With The Flick Of A Switch, It's Crystal Clear To Hear

For people with hearing loss, trying to hear in noisy places like airports and theaters, can be tough. But advocates are spreading word of not-so-new technology that allows sound from loudspeakers to be transmitted directly to hearing aids, cutting through the background noise.

Relax, Folks. It Really Is Honey After All

The honey on supermarket shelves is probably real honey, after all. But claims that illicit Chinese honey was being sneaked into the U.S. market reveal how quick we are to assume the worst about supermarket foods — and imports. Closer analysis reveals a more complex tale.

Historic GM Plant Finds New Life As A Pharmacy

Nearly 75 years ago, a sit-down strike at the facility in Flint, Mich., helped the UAW win recognition from General Motors. Now the former auto body plant and GM design center is home to a company that sells prescription drugs used to treat serious illnesses like cancer, multiple sclerosis and HIV/AIDS.

Scientists Bag Small Game In Bathroom Germ Safari

A study funded in part by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute assesses the germs that lurk in public restrooms. Researchers found 19 different types of bacteria in bathrooms on the University of Colorado campus in Boulder.

Tavenner To Replace Berwick As Medicare Chief

Marilyn Tavenner, a nurse, is set to succeed Dr. Donald M. Berwick as administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Tavenner is the agency's principal deputy administrator and will serve on an acting basis as administrator during the confirmation process.

How To Avoid A Thanksgiving Trip To The ER

Plumbers and emergency room doctors have plenty of business come Thanksgiving. An ER doctor has some useful tips for steering clear of her and her colleagues over the holiday.