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Curbing Cooking Smoke That Kills More People Than Malaria

Limited research on the health effects of indoor cookstoves and lack of affordable stoves and fuel has contributed to the problem of people getting sick and dying from indoor exposure to cooking smoke, say NIH Director Francis Collins and others.

Making Sense of Your Medical Math

Sooner or later most people who are trying to make a medical decision have to decipher statistics that describe how successful a particular treatment is likely to be. It's not as hard a task as you might think.

Vaccinations Can Be Money-Losers For Doctors

When office costs are factored in, doctors lose money about half the time on common immunizations, a new analysis finds. Vaccine storage and personnel costs are often overlooked.

Disease Detective Hot On The Trails Of Anthrax And Cholera

A scientist has used new genetic-sequencing technologies to identify the strain of anthrax in the 2001 attacks, the cause of anthrax contamination in European heroin, and the source of a cholera outbreak in Haiti.

At End Of Life ... Soaring Prices, Sinking Resources

Tell Me More begins its week-long series on the end of life. Monday's focus: money. About 25 percent of all Medicare spending is on end-of-life care, and a private room in a nursing home averages more than $80,000 a year. Michel Martin talks with NPR Health Policy Correspondent Julie Rovner, National Alliance for Hispanic Health President Jane Delgado, and National Caucus and Center on Black Aged, Inc. President Karyne Jones.

Politics Heating Up Over Labeling Genetically-Modified Foods

Scientists and regulators have concluded time and time again that labeling genetically modified foods is unnecessary because they are no different than other foods. But food policy experts say just label them, already, so people can make their own choices.

Uneven Global Progress On Treatment Of Mental Illness

A new batch of papers from The Lancet finds that there's been some encouraging progress in figuring out how to help people with mental health issues in developing countries, but progress in actually getting help for people has been slow.