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Haggle, Don't Settle, When It Comes To Health Costs

Most patients don't negotiate with doctors and hospitals over the cost of health care. Consumer Reports says it's time they did. The shopping mavens say doctors can deliver better care for less if patients let them know that cost is an issue. But many patients are afraid to ask.

Memory Quizzes Still Best For Alzheimer's Diagnosis

Two tests measuring verbal recall were the best at predicting whether someone would develop Alzheimer's in the next two years. A brain scan that measured changes in the thickness of the middle temporal lobe, also predicted people who went on to have Alzheimer's.

Kids Of Parents Who Smoke At Home Miss More School

Children living with a smoker in the house miss about one extra school day per year. And if two adults in the house smoke, children miss 1.54 more days compared to kids from nonsmoking households.
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D.C. To Change Rules For Tanning Salons

Feet in tanning bed

The D.C. government is eyeing legislation that would overhaul the rules for tanning salons.


Medical Mystery Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Returns

Several months ago, researchers proved wrong the 2009 finding that chronic fatigue syndrome is caused by a bacteria. Now, without a cause to focus on, patients and doctors are back in a medical limbo.

Cracking The Conundrum Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The cause of the disease is still unknown, but researchers have found some treatments that may help. One psychiatrist says that when patients adopt a more positive attitude about their symptoms, it often translates into greater confidence and more energy.

Nation's Jails Struggle With Mentally Ill Prisoners

More Americans receive mental health treatment in prisons and jails than in hospitals or treatment centers, yet the criminal justice system was never built to handle people with mental illnesses. A judge in Miami-Dade County is trying to prevent those with mental illnesses who have committed minor crimes from ending up in jail.

Military Medicine's Long War Against Malaria

The Walter Reed Army Medical Center is famous for treating both presidents and soldiers. But the institution is also a longtime leader in the fight to develop vaccines, including one against malaria — something many thought wasn't possible. That vaccine is currently in a large-scale human trial in Africa.