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Staff Sgt. Bales Case Shows Stigma, Paradox Of PTSD

Growing awareness about PTSD has had a downside, namely that civilians now assume veterans are likely to have psychological issues. Yet while in the military, many say they feel pressure to hide their problems. The recent mass shooting in Afghanistan has fueled misconceptions and further complicated efforts to treat PTSD.

Medicaid Expansion Caps Supreme Court Arguments

The key issue is whether the health law's expansion of the Medicaid program for the poor unfairly compels the participation of states. Many considered this to be the weakest part of the states' challenge to the health law, and during Wednesday afternoon's arguments, justices made their skepticism clear.

TRANSCRIPT & AUDIO: Supreme Court: The Health Care Law And Severability

The Supreme Court on Wednesday heard the third of three days of oral arguments on the fate of President Obama's health care law. The morning arguments focused on the issue of severability, or whether certain parts of the health care law can remain in effect, or if the whole law needs to be scrapped.

Supreme Court Mulls Whether Health Law Can Survive Without Mandate

Questioning earlier this week suggested the health care law's mandate might be in peril. Today, the Supreme Court considered whether other parts of the law could still stand if the mandate falls.

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Virginia Lawmakers Eye Healthcare Mandate Decision

Virginia lawmakers, like many across the country, are eagerly awaiting the Supreme Court's decision on the Affordable Care Act, with its implications across the Commonwealth.


A Struggle To Define 'Death' For Organ Donors

A new method of obtaining organs for transplantation has some in the medical community questioning whether donors are technically "dead." The controversy centers around how one defines "dead" — something that turns out to be pretty complicated.