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Easier Colon Cancer Test Works Well, But Colonoscopy's Still King

Over the past decade or so, sigmoidoscopy has been largely abandoned by doctors in the U.S. in favor of colonoscopy to detect and prevent colon cancer. But sigmoidoscopy is easier on patients and is also effective in finding precancerous polyps.

Woman Charged In Death Of Fetus Is Out Of Jail

Shuai, a Chinese immigrant who lives in Indiana, is still facing charges of murder and feticide following a failed suicide attempt in Dec. 2010, when she was 33 weeks pregnant.

Shoddy Drugs Threaten Malaria Treatment

From 20 to 42 percent of the malaria medicines examined in Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa were crummy or counterfeit. The poor quality of the medicines threatens people's health and raises the odds for drug-resistant disease.

The Ethics Of Compensating Organ Donors

Faced with growing shortages of organs, a majority of Americans in an NPR-Thomson Reuters poll say they favor compensating donors in specific circumstances. Federal law currently bans any form of payment and many doctors worry about issues of fairness, exploitation and access.
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Blood Pressure Screenings Focus Of Virginia Initiative

As part of the "Million Hearts Challenge," healthcare providers all over the Commonwealth of  Virginia are tasked with trying to perform one million blood pressure screenings by the end of May.

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Pros And Cons Of Prostate Screening

One in 1,000 men could be saved by prostate-specific antigen screening, but many more will undergo unnecessary--and often dangerous--treatments as a result. So says a task force that recently recommended doing away with routine prostate screening tests.