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SpongeBob May Be Too Speedy For Preschool Brains

Children who watched the fast-paced cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants did less well on tests of attention and memory, according to new research. Children who watched a slower PBS show, and children who colored, did better. Other studies have show long-term effects from fast-paced or violent shows.

Watson, IBM's Quiz Show Champ, Moves Into Health Care

Health insurer WellPoint is signing up IBM's Watson, the mainframe computer outfitted with some nifty software to make human-like decisions in seconds. The computer will sift through medical data and patient information to make recommendations to doctors. IBM says it is Watson's first paying job.

For The Dying, A Chance To Rewrite Life

In his work with the dying, a psychiatrist asks patients to write a formal narrative of their life — a document they can pass on to whomever they chose. He's noticed that the stories people tell about themselves as they face death are often very different than the stories they tell at other points.
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AARP Of Va. Launches Drive To End Hunger

A new survey shows 16 percent of Virginians - many who are elderly - didn't have enough money to buy food last year.


Babesia In The Blood? There Should Be A Test For That

There's no test for a malaria-like parasite that has sickened people after blood transfusions. A recent report of illnesses tied to donated blood demonstrates the need for an assay, an American Red Cross researcher says.

The Psychology of 9/11, Ten Years Later

Immediately after the Sept. 11 attacks, many first responders and other victims received psychological care. Ira Flatow and guests look at the psychological effects of 9/11, and what researchers have learned since then about caring for victims of psychological trauma.

How To Find Out If Your Doctor And Drugmakers Are In A Relationship

Financial interests have the potential to influence what your doctor decides to do or prescribe for you. ProPublica has a fresh data you can mine to find out if your doctor gets money from drugmakers.