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Expert Panel To Give Controversial Bird Flu Research A Second Look

The studies in question looked at how the bird flu virus could spread through the air. An expert panel that advises the government on biosafety in research had earlier said the findings should not be published, fearing that the data could fall into the wrong hands.

The High Price Of Caring For A Loved One With Alzheimer's

Caring for loved ones with Alzheimer's disease can drain families' bank accounts. But there is also a high emotional price to be paid. The administration's federal budget would fund more support for family caregivers.

Teens Fare Worst After Concussions

Teenagers had more problems with thinking after concussion than children or adults, according to a new study. They had problems with working memory six months to a year after being injured.

Texas Doctor Indicted In Record Medicare Fraud Case

A massive Medicare and Medicaid fraud scheme has been shut down by federal authorities. One doctor in Texas, Jacques Roy, was allegedly responsible for nearly $375 million in fraudulent billing.

Dental Visits To ERs Are On The Rise

More than 800,000 visits to hospital emergency rooms in 2009 were for toothaches and other avoidable dental ailments. In hard times, states often cut Medicaid's dental benefits, pushing low-income patients from the dentist's office to the emergency room.
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Virginia Senate Passes Abortion Ultrasound Bill

Virginia Republicans passed a controversial bill that will require women to have transabdominal ultrasounds prior to an abortion.


Popular Cholesterol Drugs Get New Warnings About Memory, Blood Sugar

Statins may also increase the risk slightly for high blood sugar and for developing Type 2 diabetes. People have also complained about memory loss and fuzzy thinking while taking the cholesterol-fighting drugs. Now the Food and Drug Administration wants that information added to the drugs' instructions.