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YouTube-Inspired Food Dares: Don't Try This At Home, Kids

A string of recent ER cases in which 9-year-olds were treated for cinnamon exposure has toxicologists once again warning parents about risky food games like the "cinnamon challenge" and "chubby bunny."

Big Food And The Big, Silent Salt Experiment

Food manufacturers have been quietly reducing sodium by tiny amounts in popular foods like crackers for years now. That's because if products are marked "low sodium," consumers won't buy them. But companies are also working on ways to deliver more salt taste with less sodium.

Merck Undercuts Popular Notion That Niacin Prevents Heart Attacks

A large niacin-plus-simvistatin study by the drug maker Merck may have far-reaching implications, since millions of people take niacin every day to prevent heart attacks and strokes. One doctor says "phones will ring off the hook in cardiology practices throughout America" because of the news.
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Life With MPSIII: Revisiting A Degenerative Disease

In May, we met Waverly and Oliver McNeil: young siblings with the genetic, degenerative disorder MPS III. We visit the McNeil family at Jill's House, a center for children with intellectual disabilities, to see how the youngsters are faring today.

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MicroGreens Program Looks To Expand Healthy Eating For Kids

In early October, D.C.-based chef Alli Sosna set out to change the way middle schoolers think about food. We follow up with Chef Sosna now that her program, MicroGreens, is ending its pilot run.

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Local Children Continue Fight Against Obesity

We circle back to two children we spoke with in 2011, as part of our five-part series on obesity in the Washington region.


Advice On How Kids, Adults Can Cope With Tragedy

A lot of parents are at a loss for words when it comes to explaining the Sandy Hook shooting to their kids. Host Michel Martin speaks to Suzanne McCabe of Scholastic about advice on how families can move forward from disasters. McCabe also talks about her own experiences dealing with tragedy.

What Does Autism Have To Do With It?

Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza has been described as "quiet" and "different." Unconfirmed reports have suggested that he may have had autism or Asperger's syndrome. Host Michel Martin looks at the speculation about Lanza, and talks about the myths and truths about autism and Asperger's syndrome with two moms and a child psychiatrist.