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Family Planning ... Chinese Zodiac Style

The recent Chinese New Year marked the start of the Year of the Dragon. Children born this year, according to the Chinese zodiac, are supposed to be smarter, stronger and more successful. That's why some Asian American parents are pulling out all the stops to get pregnant. Host Michel Martin speaks with Los Angeles Times reporter Rosanna Xia.

Consumer Groups Want Lead Out Of Lipstick

A consortium of consumer and environmental groups says there's too much lead in lipstick. The Food and Drug Administration says there's nothing to worry about.

Does Contraception Really Pay For Itself?

The Obama administration claims health insurance companies won't have a problem providing free contraceptive coverage for women who work at religious groups. Officials say that's because it is much cheaper for the industry when pregnancies are planned.

Got A Sinus Infection? Antibiotics Probably Won't Help

People who got an antibiotic to treat common sinus infections didn't have milder symptoms or see those symptoms go away faster than those who got a placebo. Treat the symptoms with decongestants and other remedies, but avoid the antibiotics, researchers say.

How Much Sleep Do Kids Need? Not Such A Mystery After All

The science may not be perfect, but a prominent sleep researcher says she and her colleagues have a pretty good handle on how much sleep kids need. She defends the field against a study that claimed the experts haven't even had a clue.

Family Acceptance Key In Preventing Gay Youths From Considering Suicide

Strong family support can help protect gay and lesbian teens from considering suicide, a study finds. A previous suicide attempt is an important, predictive risk factor for trouble.