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Philadelphia Practice Flight Helps Autistic Kids Fly

Air travel horror stories typically involve lost luggage or missed connections. But families affected by autism face other challenges in navigating airports and planes. A program in Philadelphia is bringing families, airport employees and airlines together to help autistic kids fly more comfortably.

What If Your Child Says, I'm In The Wrong Body?

Dr. Norman Spack at Boston's Children's Hospital has worked with 30 transgender youth and their families to get through the difficult phases of adolescence. One treatment includes a controversial medication that blocks puberty until he or she decides whether or not to transition to the other gender. Dr. Spack talks with guest host Allison Keyes.

The War On Cancer Turns 40

Forty years ago, President Nixon signed the National Cancer Act, beginning the War on Cancer. Harold Varmus, director of the National Cancer Institute, discusses four decades of scientific progress in preventing, detecting and treating cancer--and the mysteries that still remain.

Poked And Prodded For 65 Years, In The Name Of Science

For 65 years, thousands of people have let themselves be weighed, measured, and tested. The result: The world's longest running study on human health. By far the most important finding is that early childhood experiences have a huge impact on health and well-being in adult life.

Two Strengths Of Infant Acetaminophen Boost Confusion, Risk

Infant pain medicines are being changed to make them safer, but right now both old and new concentrations are on pharmacy shelves, increasing the risk of accidental overdoses that prompted the changes in the first place. Parents beware.