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Romney: Obama's Health Mandate Is A Tax

Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney spent his July 4th holiday marching in a New Hampshire parade. He also back tracked on statements a top adviser made when he called the individual mandate in the Obama health care law a fee or a fine. Romney says the Supreme Court rules it's a tax.

Picking The Right Shades: How To Protect Your Peepers

Besides damaging your skin, the summer sun's ultraviolet rays can also hurt your eyes. Over time, exposure to UV rays can can raise the risk for cataracts and other eye problems. Take care by wearing proper sunglasses.

New Home Test For HIV May Cut Down New Infections

Public health officials hope OraQuick, which just won the FDA's approval, will help identify some of the nearly quarter-million Americans who are infected with HIV but don't know it. These unknowingly infected people are one reason why there are something like 50,000 new HIV infections a year in the U.S.

Does Medicaid Make People Healthier?

The question is more contentious than it sounds. A new study may finally provide an answer.

Is An AIDS-Free Generation Within Reach?

Robert Siegel talks with Ambassador Eric Goosby about U.S. efforts to combat the pandemic around the globe. Goosby heads PEPFAR, the President's Emergency Plan for Aids Relief.

Common Parasite May Influence Human Behavior

A study shows that women infected with a common parasite are 1.5 times more likely than other women to attempt suicide. The parasite, which is found in cats, is already known to change the behavior of infected animals.