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In China, Finding A New Way To Eat In Times Of Plenty

As people get richer, they tend to get fatter. That's what's happening in China, where 25 percent of adults are now obese or overweight. But some Chinese are discovering that it's possible to enjoy times of plenty and still stay slim.

Transplants Bring New Faces In 2011

Surgeons make full-face transplants a reality for people with severely disfigured faces. Three such operations were performed successfully in Boston this year, a turning point in the field.

Google Science Fair Winner Discusses Her Project

Robert Siegel speaks with Shree Bose, the winner of this year's Google Science Fair. Bose investigated why cancer cells become resistant to the chemotherapy drug Cisplatin. Through her research, she discovered a specific protein that makes cancer cells resistant to the drug.

Rules Would Boost Pay For In-Home Health Aides

Nearly two million home health care aides help seniors and people with disabilities to live independently. These caregivers often work long hours doing difficult work without overtime pay. The Labor Department has proposed rules to bring home care aides under federal minimum wage and overtime protections.

Avastin Falls Short In Treatment Of Ovarian Cancer

Avastin slowed the progression of the cancers a bit, but two studies didn't find the drug improved survival overall. Patients getting Avastin as part of treatment with several medicines had more side effects, including blood clots and high blood pressure, than the people who didn't get it.

When The Food Isn't All Right On The Night Shift

Working nights is bad for your health. But scientists haven't really looked at whether the poor food available is really to blame. New studies ask whether providing better food to shift workers would be an easy fix for a big public health problem.

Is There Really Such A Thing As Brain Food?

A diet high in omega-3 fatty acids and some vitamins could help improve memory and performance on memory tests, researchers found.