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Hepatitis C Cases In Rural Wisconsin Underscore Drug Link

The Wisconsin Division of Public Health noticed a strange uptick in hepatitis C to 24 cases a year recently, from eight, or so, earlier. Some of the infections were bad enough to cause people to seek treatment in emergency rooms. An investigation revealed many cases were linked to drug abuse.

Nurses Group Among Protestors At NATO Summit

What's being called the first official protest of NATO kicked off Friday in downtown Chicago, where an estimated 1,000 nurses are expected to gather. They're calling for a "Robin Hood Tax" whereby Wall Street earnings are taxed to help relieve inadequacies in healthcare.

Woman Who Tried To Commit Suicide While Pregnant Gets Bail

A state court in Indianapolis granted a Chinese immigrant $50,000 bond in a case that has mobilized advocates for women's rights and abortion rights nationwide. The case could set a precedent for the prosecution of pregnant women whose infants die.

CDC Tells Baby Boomers To Get Tested For Hepatitis C

More than 2 million baby boomers in the U.S. are thought to be infected with hepatitis C. But most don't know it. So the federal government is proposing they get blood test for the virus. The current guidelines call for a test only when someone is known to be at risk.

Rerouting Working Nerves To Restore Hand Function

A paralyzed man with a spinal cord injury to the C7 vertebrae is able to move his fingers again. Surgeons at Washington University School of Medicine rerouted working nerves in the patient's upper arms to restore some hand function. Dr. Ida Fox discusses the procedure described in the Journal of Neurosurgery.