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School Lunch Milk Cartons Take A Hit In New Ad Campaign

One group's mission to abolish dairy from school lunches may take broccoli battles national, as they blame milk and cheese for bloating students' caloric consumption and their waistlines.
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Coaches Prepare For New Preseason Heat Rules In Maryland

Pre-season high school sports practices are about to begin, and coaches and other researchers are preparing to implement new rules in Maryland that help athletes avoid heat-related illnesses during the hottest months. 


A Fantastic Camp In Front Royal, Va.

Camp Fantastic allows kids who are too sick to attend traditional camp — such as those living with active cancer — to get the summer camping experience.

Scientists See Progress In Alzheimer's Despite Growing List of Drug Failures

Pfizer's research on an experimental drug that attacks plaques in the brain has been discontinued. But scientists say they're hopeful that new treatments that attack a specific protein in plaques will have better success.

Would-Be Parents Wait As Foreign Adoptions Plunge

Strict regulations to combat baby-selling and fraud have meant the process of adopting a child can take much longer. Many nations also now feel stigmatized for sending babies abroad. As a result, some advocates say, many children are languishing in orphanages.

Kinesio Tape Plasters Olympians, But Not All The Science Sticks

Said to ease pain and treat muscle injuries, brightly colored Kinesio tape is all over the Olympics, from the track to the diving platform. Some athletes say it's superior to other tape for recovery and performance, but the research on it doesn't always agree.